WeMix Ent Wants to be the Next big music platform for Uganda’s gospel music

The local music industry has seen a surge in growth in recent years. At one time, Ugandans used to listen and enjoy Western and Congolese music until suddenly local artists realized their potential and tapped into the local market. The industry, however, continues to to struggle with copyright issues, marketing and distribution of of their content. But websites such as WeMix Ent. are vowing to change that. Below is an interview Mwesigwa Daniel of the TechPost(Now Dignited) had with Amos Nsereko one of the ‘big-fam’ WeMix members.

Give us a brief introduction about WeMix Ent:

WeMix Ent was setup to thrive on the mystery of discovery of cool unique un-heard of Gospel music, videos, to promote artistes whose talents and gifts are not fully exposed, to introduce to society a sound that it worth a listen , to give artistes and industry players a platform to let out their music and interact seamlessly with both their listeners and prospective listeners and as well as to interact with promoters.

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What are some of the features on the site?

The site has amazing features such as;
1.Information on latest happenings in entertainment like music award ceremonies, musical events, music & video releases
2. Latest videos and singles, and video interviews.
3. Free music and video downloads
4. Interaction through an organized commenting system.
5. WePic; a picture and video sharing page to showcase pictures and videos from events
6. Advertising slots for upcoming albums and other entertainment events
7. Music, Movies & Video reviews
8. Artiste profiles

Do you plans of reaching more people through mobile?

Yes, we have the plans, in the nearby future we should be doing something for Android and Apple related products.

What are some the challenges you have as a start-up?

Whenever one is starting up a business, you think through the costs and profitability of the business, we have thought about it and we know it’s not a very easy thing to wake up and do. It will take sacrifice on our side. All we have to do is create a desire in advertisers to come on board, we have set up tools to help us monitor our site’s reach and these analytics should help us attract advertisers. We understand people like to spend where they benefit, so we are going to make the “how they benefit” part to be at the centre of all that we do, how? Market the site radically, continue to update and maintain the site regularly and keep it entertaining generally.

The beginning is quite humble, we are going to provide free packages to artistes and help them market their content at no charge at all, create a buzz for events at no charge at all and a whole bunch of other things but after a certain period of time”

How are you approaching Copyright issues?

Copyrights…anyone who has dealt with WeMix Ent will understand that we respect copyright owners. Permission has to be sought from copyright owners, hence whatever content that will be featuring on the site will have been approved by the owners.”

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