Here are 5 Ways to Block Your GTBank ATM Card


Have you ever been in a tight situation where you cannot seem to find your GTBank ATM card? It could be stolen, lost, or even misplaced. In compromising situations like this, it is safe to either hotlist or block your card. It’s the fastest way to prevent unauthorized card transactions on your account. 

Sadly, in situations like this, the first line of action is usually to contact your bank’s customer support line. While this is an option, there’s usually a wider window for unauthorized transactions with your card. That’s why you should have some emergency alternatives at hand. With this, you’re 100% sure that your money is secure and no one can access your account with the lost card.

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Luckily, GTBank has provided a couple of card hotlist options for emergency scenarios like this. So you no longer need to contact their customer support or even visit a GTBank branch. In this article, we’ll be showing you five ways to hotlist your GTBank ATM card when you need to.

1. Using the 737 code

You can use the GTBank USSD code to block your GTBank ATM card. 

  • Simply dial *737*51*10#

Ensure you dial this code using the phone number associated with your GTBank account

2. With the Internet Banking

  • Once you’re successfully logged in, click on ‘Cards’ from the menu. 
  • Next, select “Card Hotlist” and follow the subsequent prompts.

3. On the GTWorld Mobile App

Gtbank has two mobile apps which are the GTWorld and GTMobile banking apps. To block your GTBank ATM card on your GTWorld app;

  • Log in and swipe left on the menu.
  • Tap on ‘Cards’ and then select “Block my Card”

4. On the GTMobile App

  • From the menu, select “My Services”
  • Then choose “Cards and Cheques”
  • Tap on “Card Hotlist Request” and block your card by following the subsequent prompts.

5. With an ATM

If you don’t have access to your phone or a device to log in via internet banking, simply visit the nearest GTBank ATM close to you. You can hotlist your card via any of the cardless options available. However, do note that to use this option, you’d be required to know the last four digits of your ATM card.

To use this option simply,

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  • Press any key on the ATM to start a cardless transaction.
  • Next, select “Cardless Hotlist”
  • Enter your phone number (it has to be associated with your GTBank account)
  • Finally, enter the last four digits of the ATM card you want to block.

And that’s how to hotlist your ATM card in tight situations. We do hope this article has been helpful. You should also share it with your friends and family who might just need it.


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