Knock Knock? Karibu: Here are 3 smart ways to share directions with friends

Until now, I can’t believe how hard, time-consuming and costly it is to share directions with a friend or family member or even a business associate. In Africa, we have a big problem — housing structure.

The physical structure is so messed up that in some cases, it is hard to give even the simplest directions. This is predominantly because of two reasons; lack of proper urban planning and the lack of regulation from the relevant authorities. Any one can put up a structure anyway they wish anywhere and get away with it.

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However, the digital world is helping organize our physical environment. With these tools, you might stop sending directions such as “get off the big Mango tree besides the road, then turn left and head straight until you approach a yellow game besides Mama Frank’s shop, and slop down to a house with a green top”.

#1. Google Maps, dropped pin

When it comes to location, nothing will beat Google maps. Google has literally digitized our entire planet with every single corner of the globe accurately placed on a digital map. Google maps knows the main roads and streets as much as it knows that walkway to your gate.

Google maps location sharing

Google maps location sharing

To share your location, simply fire up the Google maps Apps which will show your current location. Long-tap on the location indicator at which the App will get your location details and give you an option to share with the available sharing Apps on your device. I like to email, SMS or Whatsapp the location and If a public place, you can tweet the location. Your users will receive the location details and open with Google maps which will give them an option of showing the directions to your location. It’s that simple.

#2. Whatsapp Location

Whatsapp just didn’t change messaging alone, they are also changing location sharing. Among the multi-media options that Whatsapp offers like sharing images, video, audio messages, Whatsapp also enables you to share your current location.

whatsapp location sharing

whatsapp location sharing

Simply go to the menu, and tap on Location which will try to get your current position. Give it some time to accurately triangulate your location so that its as accurate as possible and then tap “Send your current location”.  Your location will be shared with your friend who will open it on a mapping App like Google maps which of course can give directions to your friend to your location.

#3. My Tracks

This is another App from Google that’s really cool. It’s mainly used by those who like jogging, biking or similar activity that requires recording a route or track. However, you can also use it to record the direction to your place and then share with your close family and friends who will follow the track straight to your doorstep with much ease.

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These are the best Apps we could find. However you also tried out Glympse, Tag, Google plus, Find My Friends and SocialRadar.  Every time a friend told me they would direct me to their place ( or I would to mine), I always cringe, load enough Air time for endless calls and just try to be cool. With our smartphones, It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.




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