5 Effective little known ways to boost your smartphone battery

No matter which smartphone you use, your phone battery will fall dead in less than 24 hours. That can particularly be disturbing when you need to make phone calls, check on your emails, Tweets and Facebook updates. But to reduce on your trouble, here are some tips that we think might enable you circumvent around the problems of short smartphone battery life cycles.

#1. Turn the brightness low

Your device display eats up a lot of your battery storage. Dimming the brightness of your phone will most definitely increase on how long your battery goes. However, it is best to put your device to auto-brightness which enables your device to automatically select the most suitable brightness for your screen.

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To turn change your brightness settings, it will depend on your phone brand and model, but Android users can go Settings>Display>Brightness>Auto. For those running Jelly bean, you can pull down the notification bar, tap the right hand corner for more options then click on Auto brightness

#2. Turn off internet

The primarily use of the phone isn’t tweeting, Facebooking, sharing photos and all those fancy things that smartphones do. Remember when you held the Nokia 1600? Yeap, you were happy with it as long as it was able to receive calls and text messages. Turning off the internet or data lengthens your battery by a great factor. You simply have to turn off data service in the settings.

Android Users: To turn off internet, go to settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks>Disable data. Those running Jellybean can pull down the notification bar that will reveal quick access buttons which will include turning Internet on and off.

#3. Use a lower connection

Switch to a lower connection link. If you have a 4G LTE device, then turn it to 3G. If you have a 3G device, then you can switch to 2G or EDGE or Wi-Fi. These consume less battery than their succeeding technologies. I usually switch to EDGE as soon as my battery hits less than 30% and I find that it takes me another 2-3 hours. That’s enough to enable receive calls and texts till the next recharge.

To change your connection link on Android, go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks> Network Settings> Select 2G or EDGE.

#4. Turn off location detection or GPS apps

Location services use GPS antenna on your device to communicate with satellites that triangulate your exact location. These usually have a big penalty on your device battery and it is better than they are turned off when your battery is low. To turn off your GPS, simply go to settings, location and turn off location by GPS.

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To turn off GPS on Android, it once again depends on the brand and model. For some, models, you can use the quick access buttons when you pull down the notification bar that allow you to quickly turn off GPS. Generally, you go Settings>Location and Security>Turn Off GPS

#5. Turn off vibration

It actually takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it. Turn off haptic feedback too. To do this one Android, go t o Settings > Sound> Vibrate> Select Never

You can also . Turn off auto-syncing for apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook which run in the background and consume your battery. Always keep Apps updated, use original batteries from the manufacturer, remove unnecessary home screen widgets and live wall paper among other tips.

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