Brainshare: A Startup that’s inventing the future of Education in Africa

brainshare uganda
What will education look like tomorrow? How will tomorrow’s students attend class, take notes, revise and do exams? All those are particularly tough questions that nobody has the answer to.However, one EdTech startup isn’t intimidated at all to venture into the unknown territories of e-learning, online Education in Uganda and Africa.

Brainshare, an EdTech startup based in Uganda thinks it has some answers to how today’s and tomorrow’s students should be studying. The Startups has a web app that goes by the same name that brings teachers and students in Uganda into one web-based online learning platform. With Brainshare, students are able to revise online, collaborate amongst themselves and teachers. The App offers UNEB past paper questions to O-level and A-Level students, starting from those in Uganda, but soon expanding to other East African countries such as Kenya.

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I caught up with Charles Muhindo CEO and Founder-BrainShare Ltd to better understand the roadmap of their product.

What’s brainshare all about

BrainShare is an elearning platform that strategically places teachers, students and parents in one eco-system. Teachers can upload notes, offer assignments and moderate student discussions whereas students can easily access content anywhere anytime with or without the internet. Parents can also use brainshare to keep in touch with their children and their teachers.

What’s your target audience

We are currently targeting students, parents and teachers in Ugandan schools because our content is aligned to the Ugandan curriculum. This comes to a population of over 20million. We are however starting to stretch our wings to East Africa.

How are you dealing with content issues. Is your content in-house or licensed?

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We have both inhouse and licensed content. However, even the in-house content is contributed by partnering teachers.

What’s the response like to your product? How’s it being adopted by students and teachers? How many of each do you have

Response is very good both on the web and USSD (*100*7*1#) on Orange. We are moving a step further to launch this in schools so as to cover more students and teachers and also allow schools the power to upload and control their own students.

Can see the content is also accessed via mobile. How do you deal with the fact that some schools don’t allow students to go with mobile phones

We included mobile to help students during holiday. However, during school, our focus has been web and windows app which enables content to be accessed even in offline mode.

brainshare uganda

brainshare Screenshot

How are you making money? or what’s your business modelWe charge subscription for students who want to access premium content. We also charge for licensing BrainShare to schools.

What are your future plans?

We are moving towards partnering with bigger companies who are focusing on satellite technology so that we can be able to deliver our service over satellite. This way every corner of Uganda/Africa will be reached. No worries of internet connections.

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