E-commerce in Uganda: Remzak, another Ugandan Classifieds Website Launches


Note: Remzak is now defunct
Remzak is the latest classifieds website to join the Ugandan e-commerce sphere at a time when e-commerce is on a rapid growth trajectory in the country. With the necessary structures starting to take shape, e-commerce will no longer be just another buzzword but a new way of doing business.

Remzak is approaching classifieds from a community point of view by letting people list their products in all the different categories for free while promising them maximum visibility for their products. With a couple of bill boards around town, Remzak is urging everyone to turn their stuff into cash using the site. They hope to create a humongous community of buyers and sellers to power the platform. In just two weeks since launch, the site already has 394 items in 8 different categories ranging from automobiles, Real Estate, Jobs, Electronics, Services, Fashions and Beauty among hundreds of other categories.

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The Website has a simple easy to navigate design that requires one to create an account if they want to post a free ad listing a product or service. Remzak intends to monetize by promoting particular listings and giving them better visibility on the site if the owner of the Ad is willing to pay for the service. From experience many people sell stuff to get some quick bucks and are unlikely to pay to get more visibility unless the property is worth a good amount of money.

Remzak is definitely not the first Ugandan classifieds website – it also goes without saying that they have competition from the likes of OLX, Eyetrade, Kaymu, Jumia, 24/7 Zidi, Google trader(RIP) among other numerous e-commerce sites we listed that all depend on growing a community of buyers and sellers. Most of the sites ecommerce/classifieds websites that came before Remzak and collapsed  – failed majorly because they couldn’t figure out how to build a self sustaining community of buyers and sellers. Lets not forget the Facebook e-commerce disruption too.

With the changing trends and the growth of the sector, we shall see more of these business succeed. You can follow Remzak on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their latest listings



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  1. Did anyone find out what happened? … there may be some lessons to learn from them.

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