Here comes Wyze’s first Air purifier

Wyze just announced an Air purifier as the latest new product to join their wide smart home product catalog. Air purifiers help sanitize the air around you by removing pollutants, allergens and toxins. Wyze is selling their new Wyze Air purifier at a launch price of only $129.99 with shipping starting in 7-10 days from yesterday.

The Wyze Air purifier offers three customizable filter options; Allergern standard, Formaldehyde premium and Wildfire special use. Each filter comes with true HEPA and granulated carbon. HEPA filter get solid particles in the air while carbon filter gets gaseous pollutants. This purifier has a Clear Air Delivery Rate(CADR) of 350 m³/h. That means it cycles about 12,000 cubic feet of air every hour which according to Wyze is equivalent to dumping two swimming pools full of clean air into your house every hour.

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This purifier is also fully compatible with Google Home and Alexa. So you can control it with voice commands issued from your Smart home speaker. Additionally, Wyze has its own mobile App for remote controlling the Air purifier and also contains some useful allergen-specific information.

The Wyze purifier operates quietly at between 21 and 54 decibels which is quieter than a rain fall. You can check it out at the Wyze website. However, it’s currently sold out.


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