How to Generate a Bank Statement on Your GTBank Mobile App

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Your bank statement is a great way to track your spending habits and investments. This is why most times organizations request for your bank statements. When you’re taking a loan, buying a house, or traveling outside the country chances are, you’ll be asked to present your bank statements. In the past, to generate a bank statement, you’d have to visit the nearest bank branch. 

However, now, you can generate bank statements online and even get a bank stamp on every page for advanced verification. This article will show you how to generate a bank statement using your GTWorld app. As a bonus, we’ll also discuss how to send a statement directly to an embassy and a different bank. Keep reading to find out more. 

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Generate a Bank Statement

Here’s how to generate your GTBank statement online;

  • Sign in to your GT World app
  • On the homepage swipe and tap on ‘Account Statement’
  • Tap on ‘Statement Request’
  • Choose the account and enter the dates you want to generate the statement for
  • Tap on ‘Send Statement’

Your Bank statement will be sent to your registered email address. Generating a bank statement using this option is completely free. You’ll get the details of your opening account, closing account, usable balance along with every single transaction that has occurred within the duration you selected. 

Send Your Bank Statement to an Embassy

On the GT World app, you can send your bank statement directly to the embassy you’re applying to. So you no longer need to download pages worth of transactions for travel applications. You can send it as an applicant, sponsor or guarantor. 

Here’s how to do this; 

  • After tapping on Account Statement, Select Embassy Statement
  • Enter your account and choose your role
  • Select the embassy destination and tap on ‘Send statement’

You’ll receive a notification that your e-statement has been sent to the embassy. As a confirmation, you’ll get an email and text with your ticket. Simple download the PDF containing your ticket details and attach it to your visa application documents. Do keep in mind that you’ll be charged a small sum for each page you generate.

Send a Bank Statement to Another Bank

You can also generate your bank statement and send it to another bank. This is particularly useful when you need to stand in for someone as a guarantor or sponsor. To do this on the GTWorld app, simply; 

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  • Choose ‘Send Statement to Third Party
  • Select the account and choose your role
  • Choose the bank destination and tap on ‘Send Statement”

Like sending statements to an embassy, you’ll also be charged a small fee for every page you send. 

And that’s how to generate and send bank statements whenever you need to. Share this post with friends and family who might need this.


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