How to use Roku Speech clarity features

Have you watched a movie or TV show where the dialogue between characters is muffled or unclear? Yeah that happens to me all the time. Your best option is to probably increase the overall volume of the TV, but even this sometimes doesn’t make the speech clearer.

Luckily, if you own a Roku TV and Roku wireless speakers or Roku smart sound bar, this can be fixed with Roku Speech clarity features. To enable the speech clarity feature, start the movie you want to watch. Then while the content is playing, tap on the options key on your Roku remote. It’s the star button. A menu pops up on the left side of the TV.

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Now scroll down with the remote’s down arrow keys until you see the Sounds Settings option and press Okay. You should see the Speech clarity option. By default it’s turned off. Use the left and right remote buttons to toggle through the options. Off means the dialogue is unmodified, low means the dialogue will be slightly louder than the rest of the sound in the movie scene while high means the dialogue will be noticeably louder than the rest of the sound in the scene.

With the latest Roku OS 11 that’s currently rolling out to eligible devices, Roku has added Automatic Speech Clarity. The setting dynamically identifies and amplifies dialogue. Please note that if you don’t have the Roku wireless speakers or Roku Smart soundbar, the speech clarity feature won’t be available to you. At least I couldn’t see it on my Roku TCL Smart TV.


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