Kukua.Me: An All-Inclusive Educational Platform for African Children


Kukua is a Kenyan-based tech company that focuses on providing education to African children in the 21st century. Since African children rarely see representation in cartoons and other global kids’ shows, Kukua tries to bridge this gap with pure African characters.

Its mission is targeted at blurring the worlds of entertainment and education through immersive story-telling content. This includes videos, games, apps, toys and so much more. Since its launch in 2014, Kukua has raised $8.5M in funding over four rounds. The latest is in June 2022 from a Series A round.

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Although they plan to launch subsequent products, the first and only franchise available at the time of this post is called SuperSema. In this post, we’ll be looking at the features of Kukua’s Super Sema and what you can expect. Keep reading to find out more.

Fun Characters

Targeted at African Children, the characters in Super Sema promote inclusion and diversity. There’s Sema our 10-year-old heroine who has extraordinary tech abilities to change the world. She has a secret lab where she works with her twin brother M.B. 

M.B on the other hand is a tech genius sidekick who loves football. We see other characters like Babu, their grandfather, Moyo- Sema’s pet goat, and Tobor who is a heartless AI baddie who wants to take over the world. 

Entertaining Videos

Sema and all the other characters, take us on several adventures in the Super Sema Series. Produced by Lupita Nyongo and many others, the stories have been curated to show Africa in a technologically innovative light. At the moment there are two seasons with 20 engaging episodes each on Youtube with accompanying missions. 

You can download these missions as maker cards on the website for your kids to work on right after. This is an excellent way for your kids to passively learn and keep their minds engaged. 

Immersive Educational Apps

Kukua has developed three apps that are all centered around letters and building writing skills. With fun ways and storylines to make your kids super engaged in learning, these apps include;

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  1. Sema Run – In this game, kids have to help Sema catch all letters and signs stolen from the Bongalalas.
  2. Sema Goal – Here, the Bongalalas are back at it again. Now, Sema and MB have to take back the football field by scoring the right letter goals. 
  3. Sema Trace – In the third app, Sema goes on a scavenger hunt where she must take photos of objects that begin with a specific letter.

All three apps are available for download on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Activities and Crafts

Because it’s equally detrimental for kids to simply be passive consumers, Kukua created a section where children can unplug. Through creating inventions and having fun at them, the resources page includes STEM experiments, DIY crafts, and Printables.

Kukua hopes to continue impacting children with its five founding pillars which include; storytelling and entertainment, learning and empowerment, diversity and inclusion, creativity, and tech pillar. Will you be trying any of Kukua’s features? Perhaps a SuperSema app or video? Let us know how interesting your kids found this product in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family who have kids. 


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