Google’s new security helps you keep track of all devices accessing your account

google device security dashboard

Google is well aware of the fact that you own several devices such as a smartphone, tablet and laptop all of which sync with one or more Google accounts. This could potentially pose a security as intruders can take advantage of your mult-device settup.

Now Google has added a new security dashboard under “Devices and Activity” where you can keep track of whatever device has access to your account.  As you can tell from the screenshot, I access my account from several devices running various Operating Systems. The new security dash board helps me deny access to whatever device am nolonger using, is lost or stolen.

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The dashboard also works with the Android Device Manager which helps you track lost devices although I found it completely worthless when I lost a couple of devices. You can also change your password in case of suspicious behaviour from the dashboard. Well, it’s not a feature you’ll use everyday, but it might help you troubleshoot some malicious behaviour on your account sometime.