DStv Uganda Hikes Bouquet Prices Yet Again: Here Are the New Rates in 2022


DSTV customers in Uganda today woke up to a new notification on their TV screens about the price changes in their TV packages and will have to dig deeper into their pockets to be able to enjoy the new football season. The new DSTV Uganda rates will be effective on September 1st, 2022.

Premium subscribers will have to top up UGX 16,000 more (6.6% increase) while Compact Plus will cost UGX 8,000 more (5.6% increase). DSTV Compact, DSTV Access and DSTV Family rates have gone up 6.7%, (UGX 6,000), 5.4% (UGX 2,000) and 7.2% (UGX 4,000) respectively.

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Charges for services like the DSTV Xtraview and HD PVR access service have also gone up to UGX 46,000 ,a 4.5% increase(UGX 2,000 more).

As you must know, DSTV hasn’t recently added new content to their lineup. Most of their new movie originals and shows are available and are focused on Multichoice’s streaming platform Showmax. Apart from the most-in-demand content of live sports, there is little to no justification for the price increase.

To be quite honest, these price hikes could not have come at a worse time for everybody. The significant slowdown in global growth makes it harder for people to have enough disposable budget for entertainment.

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DStv Uganda Bouquet Prices in the Last 6 Years

Bouquet Package New Sept 1st 202220217th Sept 20201st Sept 20191st Nov 20171st Nov 2016
Premium PackageUGX
UGX 239,000UGX 227,000UGX 219,000UGX 280,000UGX 287,250
DSTV Compact PlusUGX
UGX 142,000UGX 135,000UGX 129,000UGX 180,000UGX 190,700
UGX 89,000UGX 84,000UGX 79,000UGX 115,000UGX 121,600
UGX 55,000UGX 52,000UGX 49,000UGX 60,000UGX 66,750
UGX 37,000UGX 35,000UGX 33,000UGX 33,000UGX 38,000
132, 000
132, 000

Share with us in the comment section your reaction and thoughts about the DSTV Uganda move to increase the prices of the packages and bouquets. Are you the point of looking for alternatives for your entertainment needs?

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