DStv XtraView – Definition, Setup & Price

DSTV decoder

The Xtraview feature on Dstv lets you use as much as three DStv decoders at the same time for three different televisions and pay just for one DStv subscription monthly. This feature works perfectly in homes where family members have diverse channel interest. The Xtraview means family members can watch different channels on different TV sets at the same time and pay for just one subscription.

All the decoder models (new and old) from Multichoice (Explora, High Definition , and Standard Definition decoders) all support Xtraview. However, to do a triple view setup, you cannot use HD PVR (High Definition Personal Video Recorder) and SD ( Standard Definition) decoders.

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If you own one of the latest DStv decoders (Explora and HD decoder) then you can use a smart LNB (Low-noise block) for your Xtraview set up. However, for old decoder models, you can use a universal twin LNB.

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How to set up using smart LNB (Low-noise block)

DSTV extra view setup

To get started, you must first connect each decoder to the smart LNB using a coaxial cable on either the LNB-in or Unicable-in port. For Explora decoders, you should connect them to the uni-cable port on the smart LNB. While for HD decoders, you should connect them to the universal port on the smart LNB.

Normally, after you’ve connected all the decoders to the LNB and you’re receiving the DStv signal, the next step would be to proceed to link the decoders using a heartbeat or communication cable. But because you are using a smart LNB you don’t need a heartbeat cable. The smart LNB does the job of a heartbeat or communication cable. But then, if you’re using a universal twin LNB, you will need to connect the communication cable from the RF (Radio frequency) port of the primary decoder to the RF ports of the secondary decoders.

The primary decoder must always be on for the Xtraview to work on the secondary decoders.  After connection, if the secondary decoders display an error message that says “waiting for communication from the primary decoder “, it means the primary decoder is switched off.


To setup the Xtraview, you have to pay the normal subscription for the primary decoder and pay an extra ₦2,160 for extra view access. For instance, let’s say you want to connect 2 extra decoders to a primary decoder with premium subscription, you have to pay ₦15,800 (full premium subscription) + ₦2,160(Xtraview access) X 2. In total, you’ll pay ₦20,120 for a full DStv subscription and extra view on 2 extra decoders.

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For now, You can only connect a maximum of two secondary decoders for Xtraview access, but we’ll wait to see if that number increases with time.

If you have issues setting up Xtraview, let us know in the comment section, we could be of help.


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