Goodbye Orange: Hello Africell – It’s final. The sale has been concluded

After a long battle, Orange is now Africell. Credible sources have confirmed that the sale and take over has finally been concluded even though this is not official yet.

It has taken months to complete the acquisition and within that time, there were a lot of encumbrances. Orange was taken to court by its own staff regarding  benefits before the sale was concluded. Orange staff managed to get an injunction on the sale from court while UCC the communications custodian further placed a stop to the sale on the same grounds.

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We earlier showed you all you need to know about the Orange Africell acquisition and shall keep you updated when the official communication is made.

It’s hard to ably predict what is going to happen from now. Will Africell keep the Orange brand or will it rebrand? What strategy will Africell use to maintain the current clients? What will they do  to grow their client base to stay profitable? As usual some clients worry about the transition claiming that the quality of services is going to deteriorate as was earlier seen with the Airtel -Warid acquisition.

We have contacted the new Africell management and we will keep you updated as and when we get more information.


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