Step by step guide to Africell Uganda online SIM registration

Africell Uganda has introduced an online registration portal to help their customers register their SIM cards before the 30th November deadline stipulated by telecoms regulator UCC.

You can choose how to register your SIM card. You can either Whatsapp your details (ID and passport photo) to 791-1888-88  or send your details to Lastly you can log on to their SIM registration Web App ( – No longer available) and follow the easy steps.

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How to register your Africell Uganda SIM card Online

Step 1: Log on to the Africell SIM registration Web App

Step 2: Fill in the form providing the required details.

Step 3: Upload a copy of your ID and passport photo

Step 4: Submit your application by clicking on the submit button.

Step 5: Check/confirm your registration status after 24 hours by dialing *197# (This is currently not functional and we do not know why). You can also call the Africell customer care by dialing 100 or reach them Twitter or Facebook.

  • roger bambino

    You can check if you are registered by dialing *600# not *197#

    • Thanks for the tip, we thought *197# was universal