Manage Bulk Logistics for Your Business in Nigeria with Renda


As an eCommerce business owner, logistics can be a nightmare especially when you have multiple delivery locations and riders to track. Seeing how important order fulfillment is to your customers, you’d want to ensure that you have this area covered and that it brings in positive reviews. 

Renda is a startup helping both small and medium eCommerce businesses in Africa cross this off their list. And so this post will share what Renda Africa is all about, how it works, and how it can benefit you as a business owner.

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What is Renda Africa?

Renda is an online platform that makes it easy to access logistics services easily. However, in addition to just finding a dispatch rider, they focus on all of the other bulk logistics services like procurement, warehousing, inventory management, freight and so much more. So from the platform, you can find any specific type of logistics service you need. 

Renda also allows you easily find quotes for logistics services as they’ve partnered with several partners that can provide reliable transportation, procurement, and warehousing services. Although this startup is targeting Africans, at the moment, they are only available in Nigeria. 

What Can You Do with Renda as a Business Owner?

At the moment, Renda has multiple functionalities to help businesses increase their order fulfillment rate. Some of the key features and solutions include;

1. Procurement

Buy goods in bulk for your eCommerce store from China, the US, and the UK. On the Renda platform, you can purchase your items and have them shipped to your warehouse or office. This platform helps you take care of the order, shipping process, and all other logistics.

2. Storage

From the over 90 storage facilities available, you can find a storage provider for your next batch of goods. Since many online store owners have to create an office to accommodate their stock, you can let Renda take care of this.  

So rather than having to manually find a warehouse or storage facility, you can simply look for a business that offers this service on Renda. You can even compare rates and locations to find the best option for you.

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3. Stock and Inventory

Do you have multiple inventory management tools? Connect all of these tools and get a single view of your stock. You can know what’s going down and when it’s time to restock. 

You also don’t have to manually update your inventory as Renda takes care of it. This will not only help you manage your stock better, but you can make the user experience better by immediately updating the status of an item.

4. Retail Distribution

At the time of this post, Renda offers retail distribution via two methods; last-mile and doorstep delivery. They’ve partnered with over 300 drivers and logistics services so you can simply request any of these partners for your business. 

Of course, you can compare rates and give the details of your orders so that they get to your customers in time. The distribution here also includes haulage. This means you can request for your goods to be hauled from one state in Nigeria to the other. 

5. Delivery Tracking

Track the movement and real-time location of your goods on Renda. You can also generate reports and see your order fulfillment rates directly from the advanced dashboard.

How it Works

At the moment, dashboards and the platform in general are custom-built. So to get started, you have to fill out a form with your contact information and request a call. During this call, you can relay the specifics of your needs, and work out the best solution for your business. 


Although at the moment, a lot of the features have very limited functionalities, Renda is hoping to expand their reach into Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. They’re also looking to add more value to each feature. This isn’t a surprise seeing how they’ve recently gotten into Techstars – one of the biggest tech accelerators.

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