Uganda’s Startup incubation Hub, Hive Colab to get a share of the $550k Grant from Donor Partners

Hive Colab one of Uganda’s Innovation Hubs has been chosen to benefit from a $500k grant intended for Technology Hubs around Africa. The Grant that is in  partnership with Hivos, Doen Foundation and Indigo Trust, a group of donors that have funded various Tech Hubs across Africa. Hivos itself has funded the famous Kenyan-bssed iHub, Uganda’s Hive Colab, Bongo Hive in Zambia,  RLabs  In South Africa,  iSpace in Ghana,  Jozi Hub in  Johannesburg South Africa and Hypercube Hub in Zimbabwe.

Drift Valley first reported about the fund stating that a total of €373,000 will be disbursed to four hubs on the continent during the first year of the fund, 2014-2015. The money will be used for core funding of the hubs, seed funding for various projects and for programme management costs.

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The grant aims to increase the number of these entrepreneurs and the quality and quantity of applications being developed in African countries. The fund will work by financially supporting Tech Hubs in Africa that enable aspiring entrepreneurs with a social mission to develop their business plan, identify potential investors and turn ideas into reality.

Noticing the potential of Technology to transform the continent, many donors have gone to invest in Tech and innovation Hubs across the continent. As we speak there are about 100 Hubs across the continent with many of them providing a habitat for entrepreneurs and equipping them with the essential skills to make it in business and also to create impact. Africa will not become a Silicon valley overnight but the efforts of these hubs is great leap in the right direction.

Dignited is a start up that’s incubating at Hive Colab and we join the various efforts to try and connect Tech Hubs and Start ups in Africa  together with our Hubs Feature which is a work in progress. Other efforts round the continent like AfricanUp are also doing a tremendous job

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