Top Websites to Buy and Sell Event Tickets in Nigeria


Thinking about how to spice up your boring weekends? We recommend going out for an event. However, you’d need a holistic view of all happening events so you can pick the best-suited one for you. This is where event ticket platforms come to play. 

Several businesses have made it their mission to make selling and buying tickets a lot easier. Even when you’re not sure of what event to attend, you can make a quick search for happenings around you and get your tickets before it even gets sold out.  

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So whether it’s for your favorite concert or a business networking function, here are seven websites you can find, buy or sell event tickets in Nigeria. 

1. Ticketbay

Ticketbay is a Nigerian ticketing platform that allows you to find tickets, book, and pay for them directly on the site. You don’t even have to create an account. All you have to do is select the event you’d like to attend, the number of tickets you’d like to purchase, and pay. Once you’ve completed the payments, you’d get your tickets directly in your email. 

At the moment there are categories for business, concerts, conferences, education, fashion, sports, food, and drink plus more. These events are across all cities in Nigeria.

We love that there’s a functional live chat that allows you to request assistance at every step. You can also sell tickets to your events on this site. 

Although, unlike buying tickets, you’re required to actually create an account. With your account, you can then create events and manage them from your dashboard. 

2. Ticket Hub

This platform is targeted at people looking for events happening around them. You can register for any event -free or paid. As an event planner, you can manage your ticket sales directly on your dashboard and request payouts at any time. 

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Here, you can filter events by dates and by location. At the time of this post, there are limited categories. They include arts and entertainment, charities and non-profit events, health and wellness, business and networking, religion, plus more. 

Tickethub charges a very low price for using their service to sell your tickets. Free events are completely free and for paid events, they charge a 3.5% + 200 fee per sale.

3. Nairabox

Thinking about where you can do more than just buy tickets? Well, Nairabox offers cinema tickets, tickets to watch your favorite game, you can order food, and even buy airtime. On this platform, you can find events near you, those that are trending, and even free events. 

There are a lot of categories like live shows, gallery events, music, parties and so much more. Once you purchase a ticket, you’d get a confirmation email you can share at the event venue. For cinema tickets, there’s a discount when you subscribe to Nairabox. 

If you’d prefer to sell your event tickets here, you can simply create a Nairabox account and share your event so people can purchase it. Although the rates aren’t exactly transparent, you’d be charged a certain percentage off each sale. 

4. Cokobar

Would you want to see your favorite artists in foreign countries? Maybe an Asake’s tour in Manchester or Wizkid at the O2 arena? Well, you can get these tickets from Nigeria on Cokobar. Choose to buy tickets or book a table for you and your crew. To buy tickets, you don’t need to create an account.

cokobar event tickets

Cokobar is an event ticketing platform that works like an affiliate platform. So to sell a ticket or create an event, you’d have to join the network through business affiliates. As an affiliate, you get a dashboard where you can monitor real-time sales, track your performance, sell out faster, and more. 

You can share your event with promoters who can help you push sales. They charge based on commissions but rather than taking it out of your ticket sales, they add these commissions on top of your ticket prices.

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5. Ariiya Tickets

Ariiya tickets unlike other sites doesn’t have a filter that allows you to sort through locations or categories. However, you can use the search bar to find upcoming events in your area. Although there aren’t a ton of events hosted on this platform, those available are interesting and affordable. 

As a buyer, you can choose to either pay online or offline. Irrespective of your payment method, you’d get your tickets and a barcode to the email address provided. They also have a deals section where you can shop for discounted tickets to events or products. 

For sellers, once you create an account, and set up your event, there’s a 48-hour review period. Once your event is approved, you can then manage sales directly from your user dashboard.

6. Tixafrica

Recently adopted by a ton of Nigerian brands like Kuda, Rise, Zikoko, Bamboo, and more, Tix is a self-service ticketing platform for event creators. 

Here, you can create, sell and promote your events online. Get your payments directly into your account without having to deal with cash hassle. Track the performance of your sales on the Tix dashboard. On this platform, you have access to an ESP for engaging your customers, sharing updates, and further advertising your additional products like merch.

tix africa event ticket dahboard

We also love that in addition to ticketing, you can host virtual events directly on the platform and have people attend. Think webinars, classes, virtual networking events and so much more. It also saves you the extra stress of splitting your event planning across several CRMs.

7. Ticket Planet

Being one of the oldest ticketing platforms in Nigeria, Ticket Planet still continues to make selling and buying tickets easier. On this site, you can book flights, events, and even cinema tickets online. 

The downside is that the website can seem a bit unresponsive, especially when ticket posters look distorted. Movie tickets are also a bit outdated as you’d see old movies that are no longer available in cinemas. So we don’t recommend using the movie section.

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Asides from this, you’d get cheap tickets to events irrespective of your location in Nigeria. Like other ticketing sites, you can host and manage your event on Ticket Planet. To get started, simply create an account. 

We hope you’re able to find affordable and interesting event tickets using any of these websites. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.


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