Top 5 Exclusive Apple Maps Features You Should Know About

Apple Maps, the proprietary mapping service developed by Apple Inc., has come a long way since its initial launch in 2012. Over the years, Apple has continuously improved its navigation app, introducing new and innovative features that enhance the user experience. In this article, we will explore the top 5 exclusive Apple Maps features.

Without further ado, here are the top features of Apple Maps

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1. Look Around

Look Around is a 360-degree street view feature that allows you to explore an area in great detail. You can use it to see what a place looks like before you go there or to find your way around a new city. Look Around is available in select cities around the world.

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2. Indoor Maps

Indoor Maps is a feature that allows you to navigate inside buildings. It is available in select airports, malls, and other large buildings. Indoor Maps can help you find your way to your gate, your favorite store, or even the nearest restroom.

3. Live Traffic

Live Traffic is a feature that shows you real-time traffic conditions on your route. This can help you avoid traffic jams and delays. Live Traffic is available in most major cities around the world. When using this feature, Orange indicates slowdowns, and red indicates stop-and-go traffic. A marker appears anywhere there’s a traffic incident.

4. ETA Sharing

ETA Sharing is a feature that allows you to share your estimated time of arrival with others. This can be helpful if you are meeting someone or if you need to let someone know when you will be home. ETA Sharing is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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5. Cycling Directions

Cycling Directions is a feature that provides turn-by-turn directions for cyclists. It includes elevation data and other information to help you plan your route. Cycling Directions is available in select cities around the world.

These are just a few of the exclusive features that Apple Maps offers. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, I encourage you to check out Apple Maps and see for yourself what it has to offer.

Other Features

In addition to these features, Apple Maps also offers a number of other features that are not exclusive but are still worth mentioning. These include:

  • Public transportation directions: Apple Maps can provide directions for public transportation, including buses, trains, and subways.
  • Walking directions: Apple Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions for walking.
  • Search: Apple Maps has a powerful search feature that allows you to find businesses, landmarks, and other points of interest.
  • 3D city views: Apple Maps offers 3D city views for select cities around the world.

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Overall, Apple Maps is a powerful and comprehensive mapping app that offers a wide range of features. If you are looking for a great mapping app for your iPhone or iPad, I highly recommend Apple Maps.


Apple Maps continues to evolve and innovate, bringing a host of exclusive features to improve the navigation experience for its users. From AI-driven personalized navigation to immersive augmented reality exploration, Apple Maps aims to provide seamless, reliable, and enjoyable navigation for users worldwide. Apple Maps is indeed giving its competitors a run for their money, offering a strong alternative to other popular navigation apps in the market.

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