Here’s How to Buy and Sell Telegram Usernames on Fragment


Have you ever thought about getting a Telegram username you love only to find out it’s unavailable? Well, if you really want it, you can get it if it’s up for auction. With the many new features coming up on Telegram Premium, a new update available to all users was announced recently. 

With this update, you can now sell and buy short usernames on Telegram. In this article, we’ll be sharing the requirements and a step-by-step guide on how you can do this. Keep reading for more.

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Telegram’s Partnership with Fragment

If you own a short recognizable user name on Telegram, you can now choose to sell or buy it for your personal account, public group, or channel. This will be possible via the live auction on Fragment. 

Fragment is a free decentralized platform that handles transactions for collectibles amongst users. With this partnership, Telegram becomes one of the first social networks that grants people complete ownership of respective usernames. 

How Does it Work?

In exchange for a username, you’ll get a currency – Toncoin and you can always swap it to your local currency on exchange platforms. Since it’s an auction, the highest bidder gets the username. 


You can access usernames – these are also known as collectibles on Fragment via @username on telegram. While outside the platform, you can do this using custom Telegram links like or

Requirements for Selling and Buying a Telegram Username

Before you can sell your Telegram username, there are certain requirements you have to meet. These include being a long-time user with a registered short username and a secure wallet on the TON app. 

Because you’ll be exchanging names for Toncoin, you need to create a secure wallet for your funds. If you plan to purchase a username, it means that you’d have to fund that wallet so you can bid when you need to. 

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How to Sell a Telegram Username on Fragment

To put your username up for auction, simply follow these few steps

  • Start by connecting your Toncoin wallet and Telegram account to Fragment. You can learn how to do this here
  • Log in to Fragment using your Telegram and Ton account
  • On the Ton Wallet section located at the top right of the app and select ‘Convert to Collectible’
  • Choose the Telegram username you’re trying to sell from the dropdown (do note that recent usernames might not display here)
  • Enter an amount for your starting bid – this will be the minimum amount a buyer would have to bid for
  • Scan the code with Tonkeeper so you have the first bid
  • If no one outbids you at the end of the auction, you’ll get your bid minus the conversion fees
  • However, if you do get a bid, you’ll get the proceeds excluding the conversion fees

Your auction proceeds will be transferred to the wallet on Fragment when the auction started. While the username will be reassigned.

How to Buy a Telegram Username on Fragment

While the steps are closely similar to selling your username, here’s how to buy a Telegram name using Fragment auctions; 

  • Start by connecting your Toncoin wallet and Telegram account to Fragment. You can learn how to do this here
  • Log in to Fragment using your Telegram and Ton account
  • Search for the Telegram username you’d want to purchase
  • Tap on ‘Place bid’ and enter your bid
  • Scan the QR code and pay using Tonkeeper

If you’re the highest bidder, you’ll get the username assigned to you. And if you’re not, you’ll get a bid to your wallet. 

So do you want to place a bid or auction for your username soon? Let us know in the comments. Also, share this post with your friends and family who might need this.


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