CDCARE: Buy a Smartphone and Pay Later in Nigeria

The BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) payment model allows users to buy items and pay for them over a period of time, in installments. Depending on the platform offering this payment method, the installments are usually monthly and typically run between two months to 12 months – or even years in some cases.

It is, however, unsurprising to see users tilt toward this payment option, rather than the usual outright payment option for their consumer tech. And that’s because this option provides a bit of flexibility for users. CDcare is one such platform. With CDcare, Nigerians can buy gadgets and other household appliances and pay in installments, at no extra cost.

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How CDcare Works

While some platforms that offer the BNPL payment model usually add interest rates when you purchase an item in order to make a profit, CDcare, on the other hand, charges zero extra fees. With CDcare, there is a wide range of gadgets and household appliances that you can purchase. However, you will only get the device when you’re halfway through your payment.

Here’s an example: Suppose you’re interested in a Samsung Galaxy S21 that costs ₦600,000 and you want to pay over 6 months. You’ll get the phone after the 3rd month of payment. You’ll be required to pay the sum of ₦100,000 every month for 6 months.

On CDcare, you are not limited to smartphones, you can purchase a wide range of items, including air conditioners, refrigerators, smart televisionslaptops, furniture, microwaves, cookers, and so much more.

How to Buy a Smartphone and Pay Later on CDcare

  • First, you need to download the CDcare app. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Next, search for the phone you want to buy.
  • Select payment frequency >> select the number of installments
  • Next, tap to include Insurance or not, and then read and accept CDcare’s terms and conditions
  • Finally, select “Start your Installments

In conclusion, payments for your purchases can be made via bank transfer, USSD, or your debit or credit card. Also, delivery for items purchased takes anything from a week to as many as 2-weeks (depending on your location).


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