10 Subscription Services You Can Give as Gifts with Amazon

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The cost of living is skyrocketing and a lot of people are finding it hard to manage multiple services. So, if you’re looking for a great gift for a loved one, gifting them a subscription plan can be super helpful in the long term. Not only are these subscription services convenient and functional but they are also guaranteed to make their day-to-day so much better. 

That’s why in this post, we’ll be outlining 10 subscription services you can gift to them from Amazon. All you need is their email address and your message to do this. Keep reading for these service gift ideas.

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1. Uber

Being one of the most used private transportation systems, gift your loved ones a special ride for that date, or event with an Uber gift card. It could also be kept for that one day, they’ll be running late to work. Like most gift cards, you can select an amount between $25 – $500 and customize the card. 

2. Spotify Premium

Good music is something pretty much everyone loves. So if you don’t want to send them a personally curated playlist, you can just gift them three months’ worth of Spotify premium subscription. The Spotify gift card costs about $30 on Amazon and it’ll be delivered directly to their email address.

3. Hulu

Does your loved one enjoy quality television? Gift them months’ worth of Live TV by buying them a Hulu gift card. With this card, they can access over 85 channels available on this service. This includes live sports, news, and a vast streaming library. Purchase anywhere between $25- $100 on Amazon here.

4. Amazon

Not sure what exact service to gift them? You can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card. With this e-gift card, you can purchase both goods and services on Amazon. This includes Prime Video, Kindle, and Amazon Music but to mention a few. As long as the service is available on the Amazon website, they can redeem it there.

You can customize the gift card design for specific events like Father’s Day, birthdays etc. We love that you can purchase cards from $1 – $2000 which is much more flexible compared to other services on this list. 

5. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that provides viewers with a ton of TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries and so much more. It’s one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world which is why renewing their next subscription with a Netflix gift card would absolutely make them happy. Choose from the available design options and purchase anywhere between $25 – $200.

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6. Apple

Similar to Amazon, an Apple gift card is a very versatile gift. This is because it works for all things Apple. So they can choose to purchase an Apple device, pay for iTunes or App Store. This means they can choose what service to subscribe to with your gift. Think Apple TV, Apple Music, and games, to mention a few. You can purchase an Apple gift card from $25 – $500 on Amazon.

7. Google Play

If your loved one doesn’t use an Apple device, don’t fret, you can still give them a versatile gift through the Google Play gift card. With this card, they can pay for games, their Google Play Apps, books, movies, TV and even a Youtube Premium subscription. 

Like Apple, you can purchase between $25 – $500 worth on Amazon. However, the major downside is that you can only send this gift card to users currently living in the US. 

8. Starbucks

Most people like to start their day with a good cup of coffee and the go-to brand is usually Starbucks. This is why giving a Starbucks gift card is a great way to help them save money for a few days.  When they purchase their next cup of morning coffee, it’ll be like giving them breakfast. Choose from the options available between $25 – $500 worth and they’ll get the gift card directly in their email.

9. Gamestop

Gamestop is the world’s biggest retail gaming store for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo games, systems, consoles and accessories. They have thousands of stores online and offline. So you can purchase this gift card for your gamer friends. Purchase anywhere between $25- $500 and add your personalized message. 

10. Best buy

While this isn’t exactly a service, Best Buy is a great place to get your electronics, computers, appliances, cell phones and video games. This makes their gift card an excellent gift for your loved ones that don’t play with their gadgets. You can get a best buy gift card that’ll be redeemable in stores and offline. 

That brings us to the end of our recommendations for subscription services. Do share this post with your friends and loved ones who might just need this.

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