How to Apply for Product Certification Online in Uganda Using UNBS

Many companies and businesses have products that they do offer and these should go under quality checks and assurance so that they are up to standard. In Uganda, bodies like UNBS ensure fairness in trade and precision in the industry through reliable measurement systems. We shall see how to apply for a product certification online using the UNBS portal in this article.

The main role of the Uganda National Bureau Of Standards (UNBS) is the formulation and promotion of the use of standards. It enforces standards for the protection of public health and safety and the environment against dangerous, counterfeit, and substandard products.

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What is UNBS Product Certification?

The UNBS Product Certification Scheme aims at providing Third Party Guarantee of quality, safety, and reliability of products to the consumers. The presence of the UNBS Quality Mark on a product is an assurance of conformity to relevant standards. Before you get verified; it is good to have the following ready for your company

  • A registered business/company
  • Official Company Email
  • Official Company Name
  • Company TIN
  • Company Revenue (Annual Turnover)
  • Product details

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Here are the steps to get a UNBS-certified product

  • Apply online by opening a user account on the UNBS portal.
  • You will receive an email with your password; you can use GMail if you have no company mail.
  • Login to the portal
  • Press on the Applications tab
  • Click on the Start New Application button
  • Choose Product Certification from the dropdown
  • Press Next
  • Enter Product details and Brand Name
  • List Raw Materials
  • List and add Quality Control Checks – that you carry out – from raw material reception to finished product dispatch
  • Submit the application after those steps
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • At this stage, the application is allocated to the case officer who will review your information and revert back to you

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After submitting your product information to UNBS, it will be reviewed by an Officer and they will revert after fully assessing your details. In the next article, we shall see how to go about payment of audit, testing, and certification fees to URA.

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