Yahoo Mail gets a new Mobile browser design and a Go app

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Yahoo Messenger might be on its way out, but Yahoo Mail isn’t about to leave the stage. Yahoo, and its parent Oath, still look up to the communications service that has over 227 monthly active users worldwide and 26 billion emails sent daily. The company has launched two new versions of Yahoo Mail with an aim of boosting Mail’s usability on mobile devices; a redesign for smartphone web browsers, and an optimized app for Android Go phones.

Yahoo is following Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and many others that have developed versions of their platforms and apps tailored for users in developing countries and emerging markets.

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Redesigned dashboard for smartphone web browsers

If you are using Yahoo on mobile browsers, you will notice that it takes on features from the Yahoo Mail app without having to take up storage by downloading another app. Features like selecting between light and dark backgrounds, a revamped sidebar menu that allows you to quickly access folders, and an infinite scrolling inbox.

You can as well experience a new easy access toolbar with shortcuts for deleting, replying to, and forwarding messages, and an auto-suggest feature when composing an email to send, listing out the most frequently-used addresses among your contacts. It basically makes it easier to find your emails rather than having to manually type them in or search for them.

Yahoo Mail for Android Go

The Android Go version of Yahoo Mail is not any different from the standard Yahoo Mail app, only that it uses a minimal amount of RAM and less than 10MB of storage space. The size and compression does not change its functionality, as it offers the same features as the standard app.

In the Go app you can set up multiple accounts and save different themes for each. Other features include auto-suggest for contacts you email often, as well as tools like adding GIFs, stationary, and more. Users are also able to archive and delete emails straight from the notification.

Both the new Yahoo mobile web experience and Android Go app are available.

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