How to use the hands-free photo feature on your Google Pixel

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Taking hands-free photos is a great way to get the perfect shot without having to worry about gorilla arm or worse. Samsung phones and other brands have been rocking this feature since the stone age. But let’s not rain on Google’s parade. Pixel phones from the Pixel 6 and newer can now do it with just a wave of your hand.

The modus operandi is still the same. All you have to do is raise your hand to trigger a preset timer. And what’s more, the feature works with both the front-facing and rear cameras. Just make sure that your phone is updated. Unfortunately, older Pixel phones (Pixel 5 and older) don’t support this feature just yet.

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Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Go to Timer.
  4. Select timer duration (3 seconds or 10 seconds. )

And that’s it! Now, whenever you want to take a hands-free photo, rest your phone at a distance and raise your palm or the back of your hand in front of the camera. The phone will start a countdown, and then take the photo. This way, you can take a group photo with ease. All you have to do is raise your hand and say cheese.

Here are some tips for taking great hands-free photos:

  • Make sure your phone is well positioned to capture everyone in the frame.
  • Find a well-lit spot with the light source in front of you. The better the lighting, the better your photos will be.
  • Smile!


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