Review: Meet an online food delivery service in Uganda is a new food delivery service from the Axumoid Digital team that allows any restaurant to easily set up and accept online orders for delivery and takeaway. As the e-commerce boom continues to accelerate, more internet startups continue to emerge. In 2014 alone, we had Hellofood and TakeawayUG (both food delivery services) open in Uganda and before the year ended, “Eat In” and “Eat Out” also opened up shop.

Eat In Uganda is a simple to use food delivery service for those who want food conveniently delivered to them especially when they don’t feel like eating out. We spent time on their platform to review the service and this is what we found out.

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How to order food on Eat In

  1. Select your restaurant.
    Simply select your restaurant from the above menu to order your delivery. For each restaurant, we clearly indicate which areas we deliver to, the hours of operations, forms of payment accepted and whether there are any minimum order amounts.
  2. Order from the menu and make your payment. 
    Order what you like from the menu. You can review your order at any time and remove items from the cart before you proceed to check out. For certain items such as combos and meal deals you may need to select options. Depending on the restaurant you will have the option to pay by Mobile Money, your VISA ATM Debit card or credit card. (currently, Eat In only supports the “Cash On delivery” option)
  3. Wait for your delivery and Enjoy your meal.
    As soon as you have successfully placed your order, you will receive an email from Eat In. Orders are generally confirmed by the restaurant within a few minutes. You will receive a second email when this happens. All you have to do now is sit back while we deliver your meal.

Easy and simple to use; anyone can order food online

The Eat In site is functional and colorful while easy to navigate. The drop-down menu for the restaurant isn’t the best execution (especially for mobile) as one has to scroll to see the last restaurant. Imagine the if there were 100 restaurants listed, it would be difficult to navigate with a drop-down menu.

When you select a restaurant, you see the restaurant logo on the right and a menu on the left. Below the logo is information about delivery areas, time and charges, minimum orders so that a customer is aware before they make the order.

The menu has also been designed in an easy to navigate kind of way so that one doesn’t have to browse through hundreds of items. All Menu items have been categorized so that you can click on the category of choice

Ordering has also been made easy with menu prices and a buy button. When you click buy, It will give options depending on your order. E.g We orders a sandwich and it gave us options of choosing which bread to use and whether we wanted our sandwich with fries or fresh fruits. It then gives you an option to review and confirm your order. When you confirm  your order, you are then asked to enter your delivery and payment information which include name, mobile, email and delivery address. As yo enter your address, you see the corresponding delivery charge which is later added to your total

The only available current method of payment is “Payment on Delivery” which is a smart move because not many Ugandans have or use VISA.

If you do not want to order food online, you could also order via phone by calling them which we found convenient for some people. Delivery in currently only in Kampala but they promise to roll out to other cities soon.

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Overall, we found the Eat In website very user friendly. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet could make an order and the website was easy to navigate.

20 restaurants listed and still counting

Eat In has 20 restaurants currently listed giving you a little bit of variety when you want to make an order. Since Kampala has hundreds of restaurants, we would love to see more listings. You can do so by contacting them. According to Axumoid Digital, the future of Food delivery in Uganda is bright and this is what they see.

We see a lot of online search traffic for food delivery in Uganda. This is traffic that could be coming to your restaurant! So if your restaurant is not online, then your local competition is taking your share of online orders. It’s that simple!

For restaurant owners, you can tap into the Eat In community and drive more traffic to your restaurant by adding it to their listings.

Extra features:

 Customer Care 
Eat In has a customer care hotline (0790916400) in case you have a burning issue like Your food hasn’t been delivered or they got your order wrong etc. They are also social and are on Facebook and Twitter 

A blog
I guess this is their edge. EatIn has a blog where they do some content market and possible engagement with their customers. On this blog, they post recipes that you can try a home 


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