Everything You Need to Know About the New Meta Smart Glasses

meta smart glasses

On the 27th of September 2023, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of smart glasses in partnership with Rayban. While initially, we were expecting to see some “men in black spy-type” glasses, this model came with an interesting approach and twist. 

Infused with Meta’s new AI chatbot, Rayban’s new collection is a groundbreaking addition to the new generation of technology. In this post, we’ll share the details of the technology involved, features and how much it costs to cop one. 

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The Not-So-New Partnership with Rayban

You should know that Meta initially launched these glasses in 2021 and then it was called the RayBan stories. The Rayban stories were supposed to be a new way to make memories and recordings. However, due to several privacy concerns and the low sales it recorded, it was temporarily halted. 

Now, after a rebrand, it’s been relaunched as the smart glasses with updated features and functionality. 

The New Meta Smart Glasses

Quite different from the Stories, these new smart glasses run on Qualcomm’s snapdragon AR1 Gen 1 processors. It has a power switch for you to take control

They come with a better camera, better sound and a battery pack that lasts for 4-6 hours of active use. Once it dies, you can still wear them like regular glasses or charge them with the accompanying case – just like an Airpod. 

There are two models you can choose from and each one has a sun lens and comes with 100% UVA and UVB protection. They are;

  • The Rayban Meta Wayfarer: These Matt black frames with polarized gradient grey lenses have a two-tier tint. These are the perfect replacements for sunglasses.
the rayban meta wayfarer
  • Meta Headliner: This model has a shiny black frame with polarised G15 green lenses. They help block out reflections and glare for a better contrast.
the rayban meta headliner

Both of these glasses come in different colours, styles and options to choose from.

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What Exactly Can These New Smart Glasses Do?

As we’ve mentioned there are several new features in the smart glasses. So when you purchase one, you can expect to;

1. Chat with an AI Assistant

Thanks to the upgraded microphone, you can send out voice commands with the new AI Assistant. However, since it’s a chatbot, you’d get your responses as text you can read. This is very different from Alexa or Siri. 

Use these voice commands to compose and send messages to your loved ones on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Listen to music and receive calls

Quite similar to the initial use case, you can use these glasses as headphones too. Although the audio comes from the wings of the glasses, the audio system is pretty sound. This is expected since it’s similar to Bose Tempo.

So you can expect great bass and defined audio even in loud spaces. With the control panels available on the sides, you can control your volume and even launch your Spotify app. You can also receive calls by speaking into any of the five available microphones. 

3. Record pictures and videos

Since you can see with them, might as well capture memories with them right? These glasses have improved from the initial 5MP cameras they had installed. Now, the new smart glasses take 12 mega-pixel images and 1080p videos from the two cameras on each frame.

In fact, you can store these files with 32GB internal storage. What we love is that everything automatically syncs to the Meta View app so you can easily access your memories on your other devices.

4. Livestream on Instagram or Facebook

In addition to the other features listed, creators can now take advantage of this accessory to record more immersive real-time vlogs. With a few taps, they can directly start a live stream on Facebook or Instagram. 

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To address the privacy concerns of the previous model, there’s an LED indicator that immediately comes on to notify you and people in your surroundings that you’re recording.

How Much Does the Meta Smart Glasses Cost?

The glasses start at $299 and are available from October 17th 2023. You can preorder these glasses before the sales begin.


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