Trying out the new AI Art Generator in Canva

Canva has certainly democratized design. Whether you want to create a simple social media poster or you’re looking for more complex graphics artwork, you can always turn to canva. I have used for years now to create artwork for my articles and videos. More recently, Canva jumped on the AI craze just like everybody else with the release of their own AI Art generator.

If you’re familiar with DALLE or Mid Journey or you have seen those pictures of an astronaut riding a horse in space, then you’ve experienced AI Art. With AI art, you can quickly transform your ideas into reality with artificial intelligence. It might not be perfect right now, but at least it can give you a place to start from or generate a number of ideas you inertially didn’t think about.

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To get started with Canva AI Art generator, head over to and then you can choose “Create AI Art”. This will prompt you to login or create an account if you don’t already have. Then, in the design canvas, it should preselect “Magic Media” menu option on the left-side panel. If it hasn’t, then you should choose that. You should now have a text box where you enter text prompts to describe what the AI should generate for you. You can choose various styles from Filmic, Watercolor, Dreamy, Anime etc.

Now hit enter. It should generate a couple of samples in a few seconds. Select the various you like. This will display in the main canvas. Now you can edit the Ai generated photo further. You can add text, increase or reduce brightness, contrast, draw on it etc.

If you not happy with the generated options, you can either change your text prompt, or click on generate again and then select from the options that have been created.

You can also create videos the same way you do with images. Just click on the Videos Tab and enter a text prompt to describe a scene you wish the AI to generate for you and click generate video. The Ai is powered by runway, another web-based application for editing and generating videos. In 1 or 2 minutes, the video should be ready for you.

So I try to enter “video of a mountain gorilla walking on top of Kampala skyscrapers” but was generally not impressed by the video as much as I was with the picture. However, the quality seemed be really good and realistic.

So if you are a regular user of Canva, go ahead and try out this feature or if you’re completely new to the platform, give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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