This worldwide map of mobile money providers shows Africa is in the lead

It’s no secret that Africa leads the pack in mobile money payments. But just how much deployments are there and how Africa compares to the rest of the world is still largely unknown.

That’s why Francis Lubanga, a Telecom and Mobile finance expert who also maintains an industry blog created a map showing mobile money installations across the world.

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According to the map, Africa for instance has over 50 Mobile Money providers while Asia has more than 20, South America has about 6 and North America has none.

The project is intended to create a community-edited map of all mobile money deployments in the world. The deployments mapped are MNO-led Mobile Money deployment. Francis invites more collaborators to add more data to the map.


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3 thoughts on “This worldwide map of mobile money providers shows Africa is in the lead

  1. North America and Europe are missing I guess mostly because online and mobile banking are suffciently meeting the need.

    • Not really.Europe and North America has very expensive legacy infrastructure for card payments that was “world class” before advent of mobile payments.Africa has no such old and well established card infrastructure and ecosystem and the mobile will be the payment technology for Africa.

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