From Bard to Gemini: Can Google Catch Up in the AI Race?

bard is now gemini

While AI assistants like Google Assistant have become our digital buddies, the Kenyan tech landscape has seen Microsoft’s Copilot, powered by the potent GPT-4, gain serious traction. Its seamless integration with Edge and Office suite makes it a natural fit for many users. Enter Gemini, the rebranded and upgraded successor to Bard, Google’s answer to this AI rivalry.

Bard, though capable, didn’t quite hit the mark. Gemini, powered by the cutting-edge Gemini models, promises enhanced reasoning, planning, and understanding. Let’s see how it measures up to the competition:

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Currently, Gemini’s reach is limited, with Kenya being one of the early adopter countries. Copilot, on the other hand, shines with its deep integration within Microsoft’s ecosystem. However, Gemini’s availability in Android as a standalone app and soon within Google products like Gmail and Docs hints at a future ubiquity.

Gemini Advanced boasts the top-of-the-line Ultra 1.0 model, promising to compete with Copilot’s GPT-4 prowess. With features like advanced writing assistance and complex task management, Gemini aims to be a true partner in productivity.

Can Gemini Replace Google Assistant? Google’s ambition is clear: to make Gemini your go-to AI companion, eventually replacing Assistant. The standalone app on Android suggests a first step, offering voice and on-screen access similar to Assistant. Integration into Google products like Gmail and Docs will further blur the lines, turning Gemini into an invisible yet powerful assistant behind your everyday tasks.

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At KES 3,700.00 per month, Gemini Advanced comes with a hefty price tag compared to Copilot’s more flexible pricing options. However, the bundled 2TB of Google One storage might sweeten the deal for some users.


While Copilot enjoys a head start, Gemini’s potential is undeniable. Its integration with existing Google products and the promise of wider accessibility make it a serious contender. Ultimately, the victor will be the AI that seamlessly blends into your life, offering intuitive assistance and exceeding expectations.

Additionally, Google says it has made available a Gemini app for Android. However, that is still unavailable in my region but it is already on my wishlist so stay tuned for a review on that when it becomes available. ChatGPT and Microsoft already have apps for their Chatbots.

It’s an exciting race to watch, and we, the users, are at the forefront, experiencing the evolution of AI assistants firsthand. So, who will you choose: the familiar friend or the promising newcomer?


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