Experiencing UMEME Load-shedding? There’s an App for that

We know that as we speak some of you don’t have power at home. That’s terrible UMEME. In this day and age, surely there should be enough energy for 38 million Ugandans.

But while we wait for UMEME to up its game, we don’t think you should be in darkness either. When UMEME picks on you and hopefully you still have some juice on your smartphone device (better if it’s a katochi), you can keep your house lite up.

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That’s possible because of clever mobile Apps that turn your rear LED-supported camera into a torch. Now, if your a back camera doesn’t support LED Flash, then, sorry, that katochi is your savior in those perilous times.

Tiny Flashlight[Free]


Perhaps our favorite, Tiny Flashlight is an incredibly powerful torch or flashlight that can provide you with light in a dark room or path. What we like about it is that for starters it’s a very light App sized at about 1MB meaning it won’t take much of your phone memory. It comes with Blinking, Morse Code and Police Lights plugins just for fun. Most importantly, it’s Free.

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 Flashlight HD LED [Free]

Flashlight HD LED is yet another torch App to keep you lite during those dark days. This App is simple to use, has a great user interface and gives the brightest light. While the App uses your camera’s integrated Flashlight LED, it can also turn your screen into a color light lamp.

The App has over 50 million downloads, meaning lots of people find it useful but disappoints with a big App size of 2.9 MB.

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Power Button FlashLight [Free]

Lets face the facts guys, light is light. Why should one Torch App be better than another when they all perform a single function — beam light in the dark? Power Button Flashlight seems to have an answer for you and it’s pronounced in its name — the button.

While for the rest of the Apps, you have to power up the App by browsing your entire App collection and look for that virtual “on” button, with this App, you turn on the torch using the phone’s power button. How convenient? Very quick and easy guys and that’s why it made it to the list.

Get it on Google Play

That’s if people. Phone vendors like Tecno understand Africa so well enough to include a Torch app by default in most of their devices. But you certainly won’t find a torch in an iPhone or Galaxy S5. However, Google has added a built-in flashlight in Android Lollipop, its latest mobile OS.

Image: pakistantoday.com


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