Radeon Graphics could be coming to Samsung Smartphones

Look at any flagship smartphone spec-sheet and you’re bound to see something like Adreno GPU as the graphics processor. Monopoly you might think? And you’d be right to think that. But all that could change soon. Samsung is in talks with AMD in hopes to lease some of their patents and hopefully, come up with some form of Radeon powered graphics for future Samsung devices.

AMD is well known for their kick-ass PC graphics cards along with more big-time players like Nvidia and Intel. This new partnership could see a whole new level of integration and cooperation between the PC industry and the ever growing smartphone and mobile industry.

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The company will likely build AMD’s cores into its own Exynos SoCs, which have powered Samsung’s mobile devices since around 2010.

The deal involves not just smartphones, but also “other products”, likely including tablets and IoT devices but nothing PC-related.

AMD’s RDNA architecture is likely to replace the ARM-desiged Mali GPUs that Samsung currently uses in its Exynos chips, meaning the technology might not come to every country that Samsung sells its phones in. The South Korean manufacturer tends to release phones with different chipsets in different countries. Most of the world gets access to handsets with its Exynos chips, but in the US, Canada, China, Japan, and Latin America its phones use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, complete with Adreno-branded GPUs. Interestingly, this graphics technology used to be owned by AMD, before it sold its handset division to Qualcomm in 2009.


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