Vodafone Uganda introduces SIM cards, now supports both voice and data

After entering the market late last year, Vodafone Uganda started with a data offering and promised it’s customers that they will soon be launching their own SIM cards. As of today they introduced their SIM cards to the general public allowing customers to book their preferred numbers online for up to 48 hours before activation.

As a totally new network, Vodafone will be seeking new customers to build it’s own client base for the various services they will be offering. Some say the market is saturated whether it be Voice, Data or mobile payments. On the contrary Vodafone believes that there is no better time than now to be in the market. Boasting of the best 4G, they still have a small coverage that they hope to expand.

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What we believe will cut it here is whether or not the Vodafone voice tariffs and offers will favorably compete with the different tariffs and offers that the competition are currently offering. All we can do is wait and observe.


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