Meet MicroPay, the latest Mobile Money Payment platform in Uganda

micropay mobile money payment platform Uganda

Almost three month in the market, MicroPay is the latest mobile money payment platform in Uganda. The platform claims to be your single one-stop money transfer and payment center integrating several financial institutions and merchants in one platform.

Starting with an Android App currently Free for download in the Playstore, MicroPay is determined to be the next big thing in the rapidly changing financial industry in Uganda.

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The platform offers;

  • Peer-to-peer money transfer
  • Utility and Pay TV payment
  • Fees and Tuition payment
  • Donations and fundraising
  • Micro insurance payments
  • Entertainment and event tickets
  • Payroll direct deposits

Before the payment provider saves you long queues, you have to register first with one of their agents. You do this by filling out a registration form with a valid ID. After that, you’ll deposit money into your e-wallet through their agents that you can use to do all the above transactions.

Facing Competition with the Telecoms

MicroPay is an independent Mobile money platform. It completely works without say MTN Uganda Mobile Mobile or Airtel Money which makes them direct competitors, not partners.

The provider’s platform uses an Android app which users must install on their phones. This is based on the assumption that Micropay would-be customers have smartphones. Android-powered smartphones at that with enough memory and processing power to keep the App running. We also don’t know if the App needs internet or uses SMS in the background.

Compare this to the Telecoms that use USSD. This means the Telecoms’ platforms can run on any GSM-compatible phones. Feature or smart, it doesn’t matter. Also the Telecoms already dominate the Mobile Finance sector, incredibly making it hard for competitors to enter the market as Daniel Olel one Telecom observer notes;

“If they aren’t backed by any telco, they are headed for one very big iceberg. Unfortunately for these guys, the Telcos are the gatekeepers of the Mobile Money world. The only way to beat them at this game is to think ahead, develop your rival app and make sure you have a killer use case for your app.The most important thing is to find a use case where the advantages of using your app outweigh the disadvantages of not using it.”

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Get the App

The system relies on a mobile App currently on available on the Play Store

Get it on Google Play



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7 thoughts on “Meet MicroPay, the latest Mobile Money Payment platform in Uganda

  1. Thank you for introducing MicroPay Mobile Money. Its an innovative lifestyle financial revolution. I will definitely register with them as soon as possible.

    Of cause what is usually perceived as an iceberg could be a mere ice pallet…One just needs to look closer …and also, like with any revolution the old order always gives way to a new one .

    So MicroPay is another player set for the fight in the limitless technology environment so best of wishes is what i give them…

    • Angella, i have a few questions, if you don’t mind;
      1. Can i send money from micropay say to MTN or Airtel mobile money accounts?

      2. Are you going to deploy the ultra thin sim card technology from Taisys.

      • Currently no you cannot, however we have a clear road map for those features, enhancement and functionalities coming soon.

      • For now you can send money to Airtel Money and MTN mobile money users easily. Visit for more details

    • You can visit their offices in Kanjoka street in Kamwokya, but @disqus_yG09eQ71jQ:disqus here must be from MicroPay and has further details. Dignited is an independent Tech news website that provides information. So we are not affiliated with Micropay whatsoever.

    • Register with micropay agents or visit the offices at kanjokya street, in kamwokya. opposite kanjokya house.

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