5 Ugandan outstanding Enterprise Applications changing how businesses operate

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We know that Technology or ICT is increasingly redefining how big and small businesses work world over. Mobile technology and cloud technologies make us more connected, work collaboratively and access our data anytime, anywhere. That is why these Ugandan software companies are tapping into these opportunities to help enterprises operate more cost effectively and efficiently.

#1. PSM(Package For School Management)

Started in 2007 by two graduating students without prior computer science training, Ronald Sebuhinja and Ivan Serunkuma, PSM is a school management system that brings advantages of electronic data storage and processing to schools.

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The school records management system comes with a desktop client-server Application installed at the school premises as well as a parents facing App — myChild/mySchool web app. The myChild app whose review we did 3 years ago enables parents to access their children’s’ academic results without visiting the school.

The PSM Desktop application comprises of about six modules;

  • Student Management: Student registration, Discipline, health, roll-call etc
  • Staff Management: Staff registration, assignment, absenteeism data, Timetable etc
  • Academic Results Management: Subject assessment and grading
  • Student Finance Management: Invoicing/fees payment
  • Library Management:Library inventory data, library operations, defaulter lists
  • Integrated Messaging: Email and SMS Messaging

PSM, a product of SchoolMaster apparently has been deployed in over 45 Primary and Secondary schools around Uganda. It’s probably the most solid school management software built in Uganda we’ve come across so far.

#2. Clinic communicator

ClinicCommunicator officially unveiled in July 2014 is a product developed by access.mobile which started its work in Uganda in 2012. Founded by Kaakpema “KP” Yelpaala,  the application aims to replace paper-based data collection that’s been the norm with healthcare organisations with mobile application framework and web-based analytics tools.

Their flagship product ClinicCommunicator is a web-based application which is about to transform how healthcare works. The application facilitates basic electronic patient data management and a way for hospitals and clinics to easily communication to their patients through SMS and email. The features include;

  • Appointment reminders, to reduce the number of missed appointments and minimise long queues in the waiting area
  • medication reminders, to remind patients to take their medication, with particular relevance for chronic conditions such as diabetes and HIV/AIDS
  • real-time engagement, to alert patients to new health threats, such as Ebola, and supply other important health information.
  • internal communication within hospitals and clinics between doctors and hospital administrators.

The solution was then tested at the International Hospital Kampala.  It has since been gaining momentum in Uganda and other countries in East Africa.

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#3. Billable Hours

Now we know that law firms are heavily ladened with lots of paper work which often compromises on their productivity and their efficiency. Say hello to  James Makumbi’s Billable hours, the first of its kind in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.

This intelligent software is a small Enterprise Resource Planning system for law firms that computerizes the entire workflow of a law firm; right from the moment a client walks in, opening of a case file, to detailed step-by-step carrying out of the tasks pertinent to the case, to actual costing in relation to time.

The features include;

  • comprehensive case file management
  • scheduling and management of important dates
  • tracking of work done on case files
  • client details management, tracking of phone communications
  • document management with version control
  • tracking of time and expenses and bill generation

The application is currently supported on Windows operating system although anyone with an internet-enabled device is able to use this highly collaborative application.

#4. ClinicMaster

Designed by Wilson K. Kutegeka, a recipient of the Microsoft MVP award, ClinicMaster is yet another solid Healthcare-focused software as our review 3 years back revealed.

Just like ClinicCommunicator, ClinicMaster is an integrated health care management information system that allows hospitals and health centers to keep track of their patients, processes and medical supplies in stock while also ensuring that billing, costs and expenses are effectively maintained.

The platform’s features  consists of a number of modules to handle core healthcare management processes and they include;

  • appointment scheduling
  • clinical notes
  • laboratory management
  • pharmacy and drug inventory
  • cash payments and accounts billing
  • audit trails

The software has some big names to its client base and they include Mengo Hospital, Case Medical Center, Kadic Hostpital Bukoto, Tororo Medical Clinic among over 20 clients. That’s quite something.

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#5. MYAccounts

Myaccounts bills itself as “the world’s first mobile-money-ready accounting system, built by Africa for Africa”. Think of it as Quickbooks but with mobile money integration. MMindzs Ltd, is the firm behind the successful cloud-and-mobile accounting platform .

The features include;

  • Accounting: Manage and keep track of all your business transactions from anywhere. Get in-depth custom reports and much more.
  • Ordering: Receive, record, manage and dispatch orders from your customers.
  • Marketplace: List your products and browse listed products on the MYAccounts marketplace.
  • Payments

The platform is currently serving more than 50 SMEs in and around Kampala, and are rapidly advancing into other regions of the country.

Update: You can read more in-depth feature of MYAccounts here.

So there you have it, 5 enterprise applications changing how small businesses operate in Uganda and beyond.



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