7 websites that can help you buy a car online in Uganda

There were over 600,000 vehicles in Uganda by 2011 according to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). That’s one vehicle for every 57 Ugandans then. Not bad. But, you still might want to acquire your own ride. In most cases, it will be Toyota of course.

So here are 7 online places you could land yourself your dream car;

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A division of One Africa Media, an internet company that operates and invests in market place websites in several African countries, check.co.ug is a great car classified site. The website doesn’t sell cars itself. Rather it’s a common marketplace that simply connects car sellers and buyers. The website claims it boasts a great list of leading Japanese car dealers and importers to Uganda.

The website has a vast category of vehicles, used and new to choose from. It also allows you to select a price range and model of the car you are looking for. Email and SMS alerts are available if you wish to receive instant notifications for specific cars that interest you. Checki is available on both web and mobile.


Beforward.jp is an actual car seller. The website enables you to browse through their wide catalog of vehicles in Japan, select your delivery city, and calculate price estimates.  The online car seller has a local car bond in Kireka Kampala, but that’s only so you can pick your car, not buy one.

Beforward.jp promises 6 weeks delivery time after the vessel’s departure from Japan. They provide tax consulting, vehicle clearance, car registration with URA, and insurance application for your ride. Sounds to be like they’re your “stress-free” car sellers.


Enhance-auto.jp is yet another car seller having cars from anything under $1,000 to over $3,000. The website sells popular cars such as Toyota Premio, Raum, Ipsum, Nadia, Noah among other models. The company guarantees a 30 and 45 days delivery time to Mombasa after they have confirmed your full payment. However, they don’t deliver to Uganda like Beforward, you’ve to use a 3rd party service.

Enhance-auto accepts Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payment method after negotiations are done.

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SBTJapan is another seller that takes personal contact quite seriously. The online car seller has a physical presence here in Kampala at Oasis Mall.  So any concern regarding your car can be addressed, dealt, and solved directly in person.

SBTJapan has a wide range of cars to choose from including Toyota Premio, Raum, Ipsum, Nadia, Noah, Rav4, Prado. They ship to Uganda through Dar-es-salam port in Tanzania.


Auto-rec.jp exports used Japanese cars to Uganda. You can directly order the car of your choice from the website with an inquiry form or proforma invoice. After you accept the conditions, payment is done by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) and shipment is done to Mombasa. After that, it’s up to you to bring to Uganda. That aside, the website itself is so 1997, but hey, that could be where you land your dream ride.


Cars.co.ug is a cars classified website just like Checki.co.ug. They do no directly sell cars themselves, but rather they connect car buyers with sellers through a web portal. The website claims to hold more than 1414 vehicles for sale, most of them used cars in Uganda from about 27 car dealers nationwide.

The website is well designed, loads fast, and is mobile friendly much to their credit.


It’s without a doubt that Facebook is the ultimate destination for almost anything right now. You can buy your next car from your friend circles, from complete strangers in Facebook groups about buying and selling stuff. Just go and search “buy car in Uganda” on Facebook or ask your friends if anyone is buying or selling a car. You’ll be amazed by the responses.

Image: wikimedia.org

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