Blackberry smartphones in Uganda: These are the best prices and deals we know of so far

If you still hold a Blackberry smartphone, then you really must be a diehard. Blackberry has been known for its iconic hard Qwerty keyboard and internet services it bundles along with select mobile networks across the globe.

Now the coming of the iPhone alongside an army of Android robots was the beginning of Blackberry — formerly Research In Motion(RIM) — demise. The device vendor still produces solid devices with a great operating system. But the lack of enough Apps on its platform and the phones’ price tag might be reason why some mobile subscribers have kept away from the platform.

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Blackberry services in Uganda

In Uganda, 3 mobile networks including MTN Uganda, Airtel and Uganda Telecom still carry Blackberry services with competitive pricing. To go along with your Blackberry device, you can subscribe to Blackberry social, Blackberry Complete, Blackberry Internet Services(BIS) that range from a price of Ugx 1,000/day to 20,000/month. But if you’re a corporate company, then Blackberry Enterprise Service(BES) starting from a price of Ugx 75,000/month is for you.

Blackberry smartphones in Uganda

Usually mobile networks are the best place to buy Blackberry smartphone in Uganda. Airtel Uganda has more entry-level and mid-range Blackberry smartphones most of which run the old BlackBerry OS 7 operating system, have a hard Qwerty keyboard leaving a small screen of less than 3 inches. These devices have smaller camera of 5MP and RAM of less than 1GB. For instance, you can get the Blackberry 9720, 9790, 9900 at prices of Ugx 315,000, 420,000 and 595,000 respectively from Airtel Uganda.

MTN Uganda is majorly concentrating on high-end Blackberry smartphones. The mobile network has Blackberry Z10 and the Q10. These are devices released by Blackberry in 2013 that were hailed to be saviors of the Blackberry sinking ship then. The Z10 is completely touchscreen with a wider screen of 4.2 inches compared to the classic Q10 with a 3.1 inch screen because of the hard Qwerty Keyboard. Both come with the latest BlackBerry OS 10, have a Dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 16 GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 8/2MP back/front cams. The Q10 is slightly more priced at Ugx 1,106,000 compared to the Z10 at a price of Ugx 938,000.

If you want to buy a Blackberry elsewhere, then you can look at offline stores. However, online retail store Jumia Uganda has made it more convenient for you since it sources devices from various stores. As such, you’ll get more Blackberry smartphones not available in the mobile network stores. For instance, you’ll get the BlackBerry Z30 with 16GB ROM,  2GB RAM, 8MP Camera at price of Ugx 1,398,000. BlackBerry Classic Q20 with 16GB HDD – 2GB RAM – 8MP Camera – Black is priced at Ugx 1,720,500 while BlackBerry Passport with 32GB HDD – 3GB RAM – 13MP Camera – Black is priced at Ugx 2,151,000.

Here’s a complete comparative list of select Blackberry smartphones and their prices across Airtel, MTN and Jumia Uganda.

Blackberry modelSpecsMTN UgandaAirtel UgandaJumia Uganda
Blackberry Curve 93202.44", 320 x 240 pixels (~164 ppi pixel density), BlackBerry OS 7.1, 512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM, 3.15 MP, Li-Ion 1450 mAh batteryUgx 450,000Ugx 315,000
Blackberry Q53.1", 720 x 720 pixels (~328 ppi), BlackBerry OS 10.2,Dual-core 1.2 GHz, 8 GB ROM, 2 GB RAM, 5/2MP back/front cams, 2180 mAh batteryUgx 609,000Ugx 608,720
Blackberry Z35", 540 x 960 pixels (~220 ppi), BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, Dual-core 1.2 GHz, 8 GB ROM,1.5 GB RAM, 5/1.1MP back/front cams, 2500 mAh batteryUgx 650,000Ugx 699,000
Blackberry Z104.2", 768 x 1280 pixels(~355 ppi), BlackBerry OS 10, Dual-core 1.5 GHz, 16 GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 8/2MP back/front cams, 1800 mAh batteryUgx 938,000 (8GB)Ugx 938,000(8GB)Ugx 1,183,000(16GB)
Blackberry Q103.1", 720 x 720 pixels (~328 ppi), BlackBerry OS 10, Dual-core 1.5 GHz ,16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 8/2MP back/front cams, 2100 mAh batteryUgx 1,106,000Ugx 1,106,000Ugx 1,075,500


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  1. Actually blackberry intenet services are only available for legacy devices. BIS is not available for blackberry 10 devices.
    The app problem was solved since blackbery apps are available on amazon store and blackbery world.

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