These are the best Flat screen and Smart TVs with their prices in Uganda

I suppose you read our comprehensive guide on Flat Screen and Smart TVs where I split TV technologies, separating myth from facts. If you don’t want the salesman to have a good run on you, please help yourself and read it.

Anyway, as promised, I’ll dive into the current flat screen and Smart TV sets and their prices in the Ugandan market. There are many brands and models out there. So you can imagine how daunting it was for us to filter through and select what we consider the best products on the market. Obviously, don’t take this as something absolute. You’re the one spending your hard-earned money, so you will make the ultimate decision, not me.

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Because the TV is something that sits in the living room for everyone to watch – size matters – a lot. The bigger, the better, but the more expensive. Flat Screen TVs come in 17, 25, 32, 40, 42, 46, 55, 60, 75 inches. The other thing to keep in mind is not all Flat screen TV are Smart TVs as I explained in the guide. And Smart TVs are a lot more costly than their flat screen counterparts.

To keep it short and nice, I considered only 32, 40-42, 47-60 Inch Flat Screen and Smart TVs. I used Jumia Uganda to compare prices since they have already done the hard work of sourcing these products from several vendors in town. Also keep in mind that this shopping guide is completely based on Price, not reviews. We’ve not used or reviewed any of the products ourselves.

So lets dive in, shall we.

Best 32” Flat Screen TV: Hisense D33 LED TV

Lets start with budget TVs. The best price for 32” Flat Screen TV I found is the Hisense D33, HD LED 32” TV going for a price of Ugx 802,500. The TV has a resolution of 1366×768 which is HD but not full HD. The screen also comes with one USB port and 2 HDMI ports.

Now it’s unlikely that you’ll use all the two HDMI ports, let alone use use the HDMI ports in the first place. The HDMI ports will come in handy only when you’ve an HDMI DVD Player or home theater system or wish to connect your Laptop to the big screen. You’re most likely to use the USB port. You most likely have a USB flash disk or External Hard Drive with music and movies you can watch on the big screen.

Most 32” screen have one or two USB and HDMI ports, have a resolution of 1366×768. Other screens in this category include the Venus 32EA35D TV price at Ugx 742,000, Toshiba 32P1300EE LED TV at price of Ugx 758,000, Samsung UA32EH4003 at price of Ugx 880,000 and LG 32LN4900 LED TV at price of Ugx 882,750.

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Best 40” Flat Screen TV: Samsung 40H4200 LED TV

Okay, lets go for a bit of a bigger screen size TV. The Samsung 40H4200 40” LED TV black is our editor’s choice for one reason – price. At only a price of Ugx 1,600,000, it’s the cheapest 40” Flat screen TV we’ve come across from a premium brand.

But besides price, lets see what really makes this screen kick. It’s an LED TV with a resolution of 1366×768. Not so crisp as to give you full HD viewing experience, but it will pass HD pictures. If you want full HD experience, then top up 140k and get the Samsung UA40H4200 40” LED TV with a resolution of 1920×1080 going for a price of Ugx 1,739,000.

The screen also comes with 2 HDMI ports and only one USB port. Again why vendors include 2xHDMI ports and only one USB port yet, we believe at least the reverse should be true is beyond us. Samsung has “Connectshare” feature that automatically detects and plays movies, pictures and music when a USB flash is plugged in.

The Samsung 40H4200 also includes a DTV tuner as well as an analog TV tuner but you’re more likely going to need an external TV antennae for clearer TV images. The TV also will keep your Umeme power bill low with only 67W consumption.

The other notable TVs in this category include the Samsung UA40H5100 40” LED TV priced at Ugx 1,846,000, LG 42LB55OA 42” LED TV priced at Ugx 1,939,000 (the Plasma version the LG 42PN4500 is priced at Ugx 1,775,000), LG 43LF540T LED HD TV at price of Ugx 2,045,000.

Special Pick: Sony Bravia KDL-40W600B 40” Internet LED TV going for a price of Ugx 2,331,116. This is the only screen in this category you’ll find with WiFi and LAN Ethernet connectivity. The advantages of wireless connectivity are far-reaching. They include connecting the TV to other devices like smartphone, tablet in the home. You can also connect the TV to the Internet through its WiFi as explained in the previous guide.

Best Smart TV: The LG 49LF630T 49” LED Smart TV

So far we’ve looked at Flat screen TV, not Smart TV. The distinction is very clear as I explained in my previous TV guide. Smart TVs are really still expensive in Uganda and globally. The cheapest we came across the LG 49LF630T 49” LED TV going for a price of Ugx 4,195,000.

The LG 49LF630T 49” LED TV has a resolution of 1920×1080 giving you full HD experience. It comes with 3xHMI and 3xUSB ports, Bluetooth, built-in WiFi that supports WiFi-Direct, WiDi, DNLA and Miracast share. Most importantly the TV comes with WebOS 2.0 TV operating system with Apps that make your TV more fun to use. These capabilities and features make your connect the TV to other devices around the house such as MiFi, router, Smartphones, laptops and tablets where you can share pictures, music and videos on the big screen. You can also hook up the TV to the Internet for instant software updates, tweeting, Facebooking and Skyping.

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The other contestants in this category include the LG 47LB650V 47” LED Smart TV running WebOS at the price of Ugx 4,519,000, LG 55LB650V 55” LED Smart TV at price of Ugx 6,185,000, LG 60LB650V 60” 3D LED TV priced at Ugx 9,140,000 and Samsung UA55ES7500 55” Series 7 LED TV at price of Ugx 14,000,000.

So there you have it; the best flat screen and Smart TVs with their prices in the Ugandan market. These picks are completely price based as our editors haven’t got a chance review all these products yet although we are very familiar with Smart Tv Technologies. If you’ve a TV you’re pleased with, but we sort of missed, please let us know in the comments.


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