Microsoft and Nokia Phone prices in Uganda: Here is a complete buyer’s guide and phone deals

Microsoft and Nokia are one and the same when it comes to mobile devices. Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division in a $9 billion deal. While Microsoft has gained some traction in the recent years, it still lags far behind Apple and Google’s Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft inherits the Nokia and Lumia brand found on Nokia phones and runs its Windows Phone smartphone Operating System. The old Nokia Asha phones and Nokia X phones that run the S40-based Asha software and Android operating system respectively have been discontinued. So it’s either Nokia feature phones (Katochi) or Smartphones running on Windows Phone operating system. However, there are still Nokia Asha and Nokia X Phones out there.

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Also instead of “Nokia Lumia” brand, we are now beginning to see “Microsoft Lumia” branding on the latest Lumia smartphones. Microsoft is now branding itself as a services and device company. Its goal is to merge software and hardware together in a similar way that Apple has done with its products. That means you’ll find Microsoft software and cloud services such as MS Office, One Drive, One note, Outlook pre-installed on most Lumia phones.

I’ve personally been a Nokia die-hard from the days of the Nokia 1600. Nokia’s now Microsoft devices’ solid hardware design is unparalleled. The company is also known to produce phones that have stable software and great battery life suited to make your life even easier.

We compared prices from MTN Uganda, Africell, Airtel Uganda and Jumia Uganda. Jumia sources products from various vendors like Simba Telecom and Midcom. Airtel seems to live up to the hype of being a “smartphone network” thanks in part to good deals its giving while Africell is simply a no-go area. So here are the latest Microsoft smartphones in the market.

Recently launched

Microsoft last month launched the Microsoft Lumia 640XL, 540 and 430 Dual SIM in Uganda after releasing the devices in Kenya and South Africa. The 640XL is a dual-core 5.7 inch smartphone with 3000mAh battery while the 540 is a quad-core 5 inch smartphone and a 2200 mAh replaceable battery. The 430 is a low-end phone with dual-core processor and 1500 mAh replaceable battery. All the devices run the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Microsoft Lumia 430 Dual SIM priced at Ugx 230,000
Microsoft Lumia 540 Dual SIM is priced at  Ugx 575,000
Microsoft Lumia 640XL 3G dual SIM priced at Ugx 850,000

Nokia feature Phones(Katochis)

There’s nothing that beats feature phones when it comes to battery life. They can also be a good escape from social networks, emails, IMs and stuff.  Your options range from Ugx 60,000 to 140,000 depending on the the type of Nokia phone you are purchasing. The following prices are from Jumia Uganda.

Nokia 105 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 61,000
Nokia 130from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 117,500
Nokia 215 dual SIMfrom Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 135,00
Nokia 220 from Jumia Uganda  priced at Ugx 140,000

Deal: Nokia 105 from Jumia Uganda

Asha and Nokia X

As we said earlier, the Asha and Nokia X series have been discontinued by Microsoft. However, Microsoft still offers support for the devices already in the market. If you looking to buy a new phone, we definitely don’t recommend that you get an Asha or Nokia X phone. But should you choose to, here are the current devices in the market.

Nokia X from MTN Uganda priced at priced Ugx 325,000
Nokia X from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 484,000
Nokia XL from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 510,000
Nokia XL from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 914,000

Nokia Asha 210 from MTN Uganda priced at 199,000
Nokia Asha 311 on Jumia Uganda priced at 293,000

Deal: Nokia Asha 210 from MTN Uganda

Low-end smartphones

This is where you should probably be looking at if you are a first-time smartphone owner looking for a Lumia phone. If you also just lost your primary smartphone and are looking at something to keep you afloat, then windows phones are equally a good choice to consider.  These phones are under Ugx 500k mark.

Nokia Lumia 435 from Airtel Uganda priced at Ugx 290,000
Nokia Lumia 530 from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 320,000
Nokia Lumia 535 from Airtel Uganda priced at Ugx 400,000
Nokia Lumia 535 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 435,000
Nokia Lumia 630 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 435,000
Nokia Lumia 630 from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 465,000

Deal: Nokia Lumia 435 from Airtel Uganda

Mid-range smartphones

If you are looking at something that’s in-between an entry-level and high-end smartphone, then this is your section. This is for those people who are looking for a relatively good phone but on budget. A device for under Ugx 1 million.

Nokia Lumia 625 4G LTE from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 529,000
Nokia Lumia 730 from Airtel Uganda priced at Ugx 760,000
Nokia Lumia 730 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 835,000
Nokia Lumia 820 (4G LTE) from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 820,000

Deal: Nokia Lumia 730 from Airtel Uganda

High-end smartphones

And now to the big dogs. Microsoft has a great assortment of high-performance smartphones packed with the latest technology. Here we are looking at devices that are above the Ugx 1 million tier.

Nokia Lumia 920 from MTN Uganda priced at Ugx 1,120,000
Nokia Lumia 1520 Phablet priced at Ugx 1,278,000
Microsoft Lumia 830 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 1,295,000
Microsoft Lumia 830 from Airtel Uganda priced at Ugx 1,300,000
Microsoft Lumia 1320 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 1,344,500
Microsoft Lumia 1020 from Airtel Uganda priced at Ugx 1,650,000
Microsoft Lumia 1020 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 1,762,500
Nokia Lumia 1529 from Jumia Uganda priced at Ugx 1,935,500

Deal: Microsoft Lumia 1020 from Airtel Uganda

So there you have; Microsoft phones and their prices in Uganda shillings currently in the market. If you know of any Lumia device you wish to recommend, please let us know in the comments.