Are you on Uganda’s Voters register? Here’s a simple way to find out

uganda voters register

The Ugandan government is finally catching up with the mobile and internet generation. That’s why the electoral commission is making it easy for you to find out your eligibility to vote by way of a simple page on their website.

Before you hit the polling stations in 2016 to vote for your favorite Ugandan presidential candidate, you want to check if you’re on the voter’s register here

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All you have to do is enter your Voter number or application ID or National ID Number(NIN) into the searchbox. The system will query its database and tell you whether or not you’ll be able to participate in the electoral process come next year.

For most of us who can’t get off our laptops and smartphones, we say bravo to the electoral commission for this.


Now you can check y0ur Polling details via SMS

You can now check your voter registration status or polling details via SMS by sending your Voter ID no./ National ID no.(NIN) TO 8228

If you’ve any further questions, don’t be shy to ask on Dignited Answers, our interactive Q&A platform.

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