How I’ve managed to blog using only my phone

It’s been at least a year now since I actively started blogging majorly on tech related topics.

When I started out, created my posts from a mobile phone, then a Nokia 6133 and then I would post the article by email assigned to me by blogger which would in turn post the article on my blog. Clever, right?

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Then,  I was using the usual mobile phone keyboard and you can imagine how difficult it must have been typing long text using the ordinary T9 keypad. But now, am using a virtual QWERTY keyboard thanks to my Android Huawei Google Ideos. Entering text is not that frustrating as it was with the T9.

Then I had to post my articles through email using a Java based Gmail app on my Nokia 6133,  the subject being the title of my post. However, now am doing it using a fancy blogger app for Android which is quite capable. It enables me create posts, add images, tags, categories, post and then share on my social networks — all without leaving my phone.

I do appreciate the way that blogger developers use innovative ways to actually enable those without advanced technology in this case PC and smart phones to still be able to use the platform. Through an email, I could blog from a basic Nokia 6133. In Africa, Mobile is king. Perhaps this is one of the missing puzzles that other platform providers haven’t thought about.

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