Airtel Uganda’s Wingle is a 3G Internet Mifi without a battery

If you want to access the internet in Uganda, you have four options; your smartphone, a 3G or 4G router, a MiFi or a USB modem/dongle. We have probably already done a good job of helping you choose the option that would work for you if you are an avid reader of this blog.

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But thanks to Airtel Uganda, you now have a fifth option — a Wingle!

The Airtel wingle is a 3G USB internet dongle. Yes like that one you already have. However, we have been banishing the use of USB dongles for a while now and one of our reasons has been the fact that you can’t easily share your internet across multiple users or devices. At least not without this kind of geeking. And this is where Airtel’s Wingle gets interesting.

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The Wingle is a term Airtel has coined to refer to a USB 3G internet dongle that shares your internet with more than one user. Just like the other USB dongles, the Airtel Wingle needs external power source from for instance your laptop USB port or your wall socket.  If you power it via a battery bank, then you can call your Airtel Wingle a MiFi.


The Airtel Wingle’s pricing gets us to think twice about recommending this device. Between the usual USB internet dongles and MiFis, we didn’t have a problem recommending a MiFi. But the Wingle lies right in between the USB dongle and the MiFi in-terms of features and functionality. In terms of pricing though, at Ugx 100,000 for a 3G internet device, It doesn’t compete well against what other telecoms are offering.

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