How to manage your Smile Uganda data bundle

When you find your data running out faster than you would expect, chances are that the problem is on your side. When this happens, it might be wiser to audit your own data usage rather than picking up the phone and calling customer care.

If you are a Smile Uganda data user, the process is fairly simple. All you’ve to do is visit your customer management portal from Login with your email and password and under Account services tab, click manage.

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There you’ll be presented with a page that looks like the screenshot below where you to take charge of how you use your internet.

smile data management page

smile data management page

You can limit your data speeds to 1, 2, 5, or 21Mbps. If you share your internet with other members of the family whose usage patterns who are not entirely in control, it a good idea to throttle the speeds to something like 1Mbps so that your data doesn’t run out very fast. Personally, I like to keep mine at about 5Mbps.

You can also choose which applications can use your data plan. You can to decide to block cloud storage services such as Dropbox, iCloud or video sites such as Youtube or Netflix or automatic [windows] operating system updates. You’re fully in charge. Remember if you detect undesirable behavior, you can always roll back. For instance when I blocked Video, I suddenly realized I couldn’t make Whatsapp calls, so I had to allow the Video option.

So there you have it; how to manage your Smile Uganda data plan. If you have any tips and tricks we don’t know about, please add them in the comments below.


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