5 jobs you can purely do online in Uganda

jobs you can do online in Uganda

Working from home feels like a dream come true that a lot of people want to attain. You wouldn’t blow away a chance to work from home. Right? If you are currently looking for a job, why not take advantage of the age we live in today? We are going to share a list of 5 jobs you can do online in Uganda, and who knows? Maybe one of them will spark an idea.

The good news is that most of these jobs do not require a major degree or years of working experience. Most of the jobs you can do online in Uganda require you to be very good at the computer or have some people skills.

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You can do these jobs part-time or full-time. You can work completely from home on a computer or a phone depending on the job. The jobs you can do online give you a lot more freedom. No commuting, no money spent on fuel and no dealing with a bunch of annoying co-workers.

5 jobs you can do online in Uganda

  • Writers and Authors.

Bloggers, authors, journalists, these are all writers in different ways. If you decide to go on this quest, you can surely do this job from the comfort of your couch.

Think of it. When was the last time you bought a magazine? (Buzz Magazine was the last magazine I bought some time in my high school). A lot of reading has shifted to online platforms.

With everything going digital, there is a need for more digital writers and bloggers. Try your luck by reaching out to different blogs or getting in touch with bloggers you know. However, you can also start-up a blog in a field you feel comfortable writing about.

  • Graphic Designer

If you have a good eye on what would look good for a customer or what would look good together. Maybe you can even draw stuff. Then why don’t you become a graphic designer?

You can work in any industry of your choice . However, you might have o meet client some times but you can pretty much everything right from home.

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Marketing agencies sometimes hire freelance graphic designers to make creatives for their clients. You can also start-up your own domain for your services where clients order and pay for creatives online. This is among the best jobs you can do online in Uganda.

  • Social Media Manager

In the age where businesses want to make the most out of there online presence, you have an opening to landing your next online job. Social Media manager.

If you trust your social media management skills, try getting a job in that skills. Businesses want to communicate and engage with potential and existing clients on their social channels.

Your only job here is to spread positive PR and make the business’s public reputation as good as it can get. You can then manage a business’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube among others.

  • Freelance Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is taking on traditional marketing head on. You can be part of this great evolution by becoming a freelance digital marketer.

Some of the things digital marketers do include creating and managing Google display ads, developing digital strategies, a little bit of social media management, analytics and reporting.

There are a lot of free materials on the internet to get you on your way. However, for better results you will need paid courses from platforms like Udemy. If you are looking for jobs you can do online in Uganda, this is one option.

  • Vlogger/YouTuber

If you are confident enough to talk in front of the camera, then why not start a YouTube channel?

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Get a topic that is really fun and one that you are comfortable talking about. Having a consistent flow of good content will help you drive traffic to your channels.

Soon, YouTube will start paying you for your efforts. Also, you will start making some money off businesses that want endorsements. It might not be big at first, but some bit of effort and creativity channeled towards it, it soon become a bread-winner. Matter of fact, you are doing something you love purely online.


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