Internet and Agriculture: Why High Speed Internet in Africa is Crucial for Efficiency on the Farm

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Celina jones. CJ has been in the farming business for a number of years now, advising people on choosing the right kind of internet service providers for their farming businesses. She also works for “High Speed Internet” as their community manager and looks after the entire web marketing for them.

The barriers of time and distance are easily broken down through high speed internet, allowing people living in rural areas of Africa a chance to participate in the civic and economic life that lies far beyond their territorial boundaries.

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Communication is made possible in Africa through the technology of broadband eradicating the logistical restrictions of business models based within a particular region, permitting the businesses to contend with their urban counterparts despite functioning within isolated areas. Thus, the high speed internet available in rural or farm areas of Africa provides numerous social and economic advantages to the whole country showing you the intersection between internet and agriculture and how one powers the other.

With the emergence of an increasing number of internet service providers, farmers in Africa are now able to enhance the efficiency of their farms because of the following reasons:

1. More Opportunities

With the provision of high speed internet services to small towns and rural areas of Africa, the residents can enjoy numerous added opportunities within areas like economic enhancement and learning. Through the availability of high speed internet facilities, the difference of prospects between the urban and rural regions is equalized.

2. Minimization of Distance

Before farmers had access to this high speed internet facility, they had to drive more than a hundred miles in order to purchase the required items for their farms, i.e. farming equipment, seeds, grocery, fertilizers, etc. But now, thanks to this facility, any required item or items can be delivered to an individual’s doorstep within a matter of days.

3. Easy Farming

With the latest developments made in the field of agricultural science, farming in Africa has become much easier than it was a few years ago. These days, numerous farmers are irrigating their fields through a technique known as sprinkler irrigation. This technique helps agriculture sustain in hot dry climates along with conserving water (which is something all farmers should look forward to in the future).

4. High Speed Internet Services are Easier to Obtain

In today’s times, obtaining a high speed internet connection is not something that involves months of preparation, clearances, and permits. Nowadays, you can simply call your nearest service provider and establish a connection within a matter of hours as all of the work is done electronically. Internet service providers team up with satellite companies to offer bundle packages to their customers specially in the African sub-continent.

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5. Better Marketing

The efficiency of farms in Africa is further improved when the business owners can reach as many people as possible. Through this high speed internet connection facility, farmers can market their products and sell or purchase items online without any hurdles. Also, they can answer any queries put forward by clients who wish to further inquire about the items that they’re interested in.

6. Faster Interconnectivity

Interconnectivity among individuals is a rather crucial factor in operating rural businesses with utmost success. Sustaining connectivity in smaller cities and towns becomes much more simple and uncomplicated with affordable, faster connections along with the citizens of these areas having an opportunity to communicate and connect with millions across the globe.

7. Frequent Weather Updates

With faster access to the internet, African farmers can now focus on irrigating and cultivating their crops without having to worry about any unexpected natural disaster. A fast connection to the internet will keep the farmer informed of unfavorable weather conditions, allowing him to make agricultural changes accordingly, reducing the chances of heavy losses.

8. Information Access

African farmers are able to get access to real-time information crucial for running their businesses, i.e. crop prices and marketing opportunities, the need for supply and demand, etc.

9. Modern Changes

Affordable broadband allows farmers in Africa to come across important literature associated with farming techniques and stories that have led other farmers towards success or failure. Thus, the farmers are able to learn from the efforts and mistakes of others, incorporating modern changes to their existing farming techniques.

10. Successful Farming a Click Away

Farmers in Africa can succeed in their business by just clicking on the right topic. The internet is filled with loads of information associated with the improvement of farm efficiency and a high speed internet connection can help them achieve that.

Making use of the right type of internet services can make a world of difference for a farmer seeking to improve his or her farm’s efficiency.

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2 thoughts on “Internet and Agriculture: Why High Speed Internet in Africa is Crucial for Efficiency on the Farm

  1. When the internet stays open and accessible it is a major source of knowledge for all practices, including farming, it could be a revolution for certain farmers. I think it is especially important that certain farmers are aware how to farm on a durable basis, so that farming can be done on a piece of land today and also in the future.

    • Rowan, i agree. However, the main challenge with Farmers especially here in Africa is literacy, power to charge the devices(maybe phones) that they could use to access the vital information on the internet.

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