DStv Uganda slashes decoder prices for the 2015 festive season. Here’s how it stacks against the compettion

If you are looking for a Christmas gift and haven’t found one yet, your search may be over. Also if you are looking for a good deal this season, your search may be over too. In the spirit of the festive season, DStv has reduced the prices of their HD decoder. You can now purchase the DStv decoder plus dish at only Ugx 130,000.

If you want help installing the kit, DStv is charging an extra Ugx 50,000 totaling to Ugx 180,000. You would have to add Ugx 38,000 for the initial monthly subscription to actually enjoy the service. This comes to a total of Ugx 218,000 for you to actually be able to enjoy the service.

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DStv Slashes Prices

In comparison, let’s see what the competition is offering.

Startimes HD decoder with a dish is going for  Ugx 144,000 (without installation costs) and it comes with one month of free TV on the basic bouquet.

Zuku HD decoder + dish is going for Ugx 165,000 (without installation costs) with one month of Zuku classic

Azam TV HD decoder + dish is going for Ugx 145,000 (without installation costs) and comes with one month free subscription of the Azam Play bouquet

One thing is for sure, HD decoder prices have come down and digital TV may become a little more accessible. The costs of subscription however are still a little high but these is alleviated by the non HD terrestrial decoders from GOtv, Zuku, Startimes and Azam TV.

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