Smile Uganda establishes itself as the leader in 4G LTE Superfast Internet

smile uganda head offices

Smile communications Uganda has established itself as the leader when it comes to 4G LTE Internet in Uganda.

The company has rolled out new coverage areas which include Masaka, Mbarara, Fortportal, Kabale, Masindi, Gulu, Wakiso and Tororo. These have been added to the already existing areas of Kampala, Entebbe, and Mukono.
The company also boasts as the only network with a blanket coverage from Entebbe to Mukono. This means than one can drive from the Airport to Kampala and Mukono while experiencing strictly 4G Superfast internet all the way.
The network does not downgrade to 3G or 2G meaning one experiences 4G speeds all through.

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The expansion comes at a time when the company is in the final preparations of launching the first every Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) service in Africa. With VoLTE, users will be able to make Super-clear HD voice and Video calls as long as they have capable handsets.  Users can also browse and make calls at the same time while on VoLTE, which is not possible on the voice services.


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4 thoughts on “Smile Uganda establishes itself as the leader in 4G LTE Superfast Internet

  1. Really?
    You are excited about THIS?
    Leader? How? More locations? Why does the mere addition of THOSE locations make the a LEADER?
    Do we come to you for news and reviews or should we also wade through the obvious marketing hyperbole?

    • Tests prove Smile is the fastest internet provider in UG. Try it. No buffering of YouTube, Skype video no problem, very rarely any network downtime. For me, that makes them the leader because they have a better product. I’ve been using Smile for 2+ years.

      Smile is on an 800Mhz spectrum while MTN is on a 2600Mhz. The 800Mhz covers a radius of 3km in congested or hilly areas and between 11-14 km in flat terrain. The 2600Mhz covers a radius of 1.5 km only, plus it has limited indoor penetration due to inherent spectrum attributes.

      • I like your analysis. But what about Vodafone and Africell? I was one of the testers for Smile before they launched much like I was for Vodafone. After 1mbps users do not recognise the quality of link or latency issues.
        The trouble with comparisons is that the winner normally decides or emphasises the points they are the best at. When you say smile is fast, you forget that one gets more access, mobility and thus utility from mtn and africell just by their network coverage and being mobile simcards.
        I do however aplogise to David for calling him out on this. His article is specific to 4G LTE internet which I would need to study with both MTN and Africell. My response is to the general utility when chosing a service provider of internet.

  2. In terms of reliable 4G, I would say Smile leads since there network does not downgrade to 3G and 2G. Very frustrating when you are on a 4G connection and minutes later you realise you are on a 2G connection.
    Problem is when outside a 4G coverage area, You are off completely, that’s where MTN comes in handy. better to have slow speeds that no Internet at all.
    Maybe they should do a roaming agreement in places with no LTE coverage.
    Was dissapointed by Vodafone! Device was downgrading to 3G yet I was in the city at Acacia Mall!
    Smile for the city and MTN for my journey to Amolator.

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