Job searching in Uganda just got easier with Aspire Android App


Rafah Communications is today launching the First and only Android Job App in Uganda. Aspire is an Android Job App that has been invented to bridge the gap between job seekers and employers.
The development comes at a time when many Youths are graduating and looking for jobs.

This platform is an efficient, fast and easy way through which job seekers can connect with their future employers. For someone to use the Aspire App, they have to upload it from their google store free of charge and then signup on the platform. One is able to search for jobs without signing up but in order to upload your CV and be able to apply for jobs, one is required to sign up.

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The launch of this App is in line with various public service reforms most especially reduction of unemployment levels. Individuals are not only unemployed because of limited job opportunities but lack of the right information about existing opportunities. This App is targeting a huge number of youth that many not be in position to access a computer full time but have their handset with them wherever they go.
Key Features of the App include;

Job Search

Aspire Job App caters for both the Job Seeker and the Employer. A job seeker can search for jobs at their convenience as well as upload their CVs on the App for Employers to view at any time. Aspire provides jobs that cut across different Regions AND career categories.

Video Profile

This App also gives you a chance to upload a 10seconds video profile of yourself or even previous work done to make you more competitive to top employers worldwide.

Employers / Recruiters

Organizations/ Companies/ Institutions can also use this platform to seek for qualified candidates to fill up vacancies in their respective companies. This is because Aspire provides a secure and well organised Data base of CVs uploaded by various talented and educated Candidates seeking opportunities. This means it is a faster and cheaper means of recruiting candidates. This is a very fulfilling platform for recruiting agencies and I hope they continue to aggressively embrace it.


The App has a feature which allows for sharing jobs with friends on various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Face book and more this is great feature that is going to enable employers reach out to many job seeks in a nutshell.

Instant Notifications

After signing up for the App and uploading your CV, every time a company or recruiting firm posts a job in line with the your qualification, you are immediately notified. I find this particular feature very important because many of us sign up to a number of job search platforms but never go back to check whether jobs in line with what we aspire to do have been posted. The beauty of this App is that it gives you an update every time a job you qualify for is posted both on your phone & your email.

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ASPIRE is set up in a mode that both employers and job seekers can opt to maintain their confidentiality. Employers can choose to surf the databases without posting a job if the vacancy is sensitive in nature or they can post the vacancy while keeping the company name confidential. Similarly candidates can post their CVs on the App while keeping their names and present employers name confidential.

Download the app from the Google play store here.

Image: Director of Communication & Broadcasting Infrastructure , ICT Ministry  


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