How to send Mobile Money to registered and non-registered users

Mobile money is the most convenient way of sending money in Uganda to friends and loved ones right now. But with convenience also came security and transnational  loopholes that agents and fraudsters exploit to defraud unsuspecting users.

Sending money to anyone with or without a mobile phone is deceptively easy. What usually takes hours or even a day with traditional banks now takes only a matter of minutes.

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Getting Mobile e-Money

You can send money right from your mobile phone. However, before you can do that, you have to have mobile electronic money or e-money on your mobile wallet.

To load e-money, you have to go with solid cash to the nearest mobile money agent. The agent will help you deposit money to your mobile money account, thus getting you e-money. This is called “depositing” and it attracts absolutely zero charges.

With this e-money in your mobile wallet, you can do lots of things; send money, buy airtime/data and pay bills. The process for MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda is largely similar although there might be slight differences for instance in access shortcodes and Menus.

Send Mobile Money to registered users

By now you should have left the money money kiosk, perhaps grabbing a cup of coffee from your home balcony. On MTN Uganda dial *165# > 1. Send money > 1. Mobile User > Enter phone number (of the recipient) >Enter Amount > Enter reason > Enter PIN for confirmation. Shows the name of the recipient, Reason and the sending charges.

Send to  Non-registered users and to other networks

On MTN Uganda dial *165# > 1. Send money > 1. Mobile User > Enter phone number (of the recipient) > Enter secret code > Enter amount > Reason > Enter PIN code to confirm. Shows Amount to be sent, recipient’s Mobile phone (doesn’t show the name!), Secret code and the sending charges you’ll incur.

How about sending money through Mobile money agents

Up until now, I’ve been going to the Mobile money agent, give them solid cash and then instruct them to send money to a specific mobile number. Apparently according to a source that works with MTN, this is not legal. Ideally you’ve to load e-money first with the help of the agent and then you yourself do the sending, not the agent.

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So there you have it; how to send mobile money to registered and non-registered users or users on other networks. If you think there are some inaccuracies, please let us know in the comments below.


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