URSB has an online search engine for registered companies in Uganda

ursb company search engine uganda


The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) is an autonomous statutory body established by Chapter 210 Laws of Uganda in 1998. The Bureau was created to take over the functions of the Registrar General’s Office under the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. It carries out all registrations required under the relevant laws and maintains registers, data and records on registrations affected by the bureau and acts as a clearing house for information and data on those registrations including company name search.

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The process of registering for a company in Uganda is normally a long and tedious one. The first step is looking up your proffered business name at the Uganda Registration Services Bureau. Remember that a company name search isn’t free. On top of that, government is notorious for its time-consuming bureaucratic process to access such services. Well, not anymore.

URSB has (finally) brought its database online. Now using any internet-enabled device you can search for a registered or non-registered company name online. Simply visit http://search2.ursb.go.ug:9090/ursb/ and enter your company name in the search box. The system will return results if the company name is already registered.

The website actually does much more than just company name search. Government agencies are stepping up their online game and we are finally seeing the fruit of their labour. URSB provides information on business registration, civil registration, intellectual property and official receiver, whatever what might be. You can download the required forms straight from the website and the accruing fees are included for whichever service the agency offers.

We should also add that don’t be alarmed when you don’t find a company name in the search portal. Some companies trade under different names from those they are registered under. If you searched for Sheraton Hotel, the search won’t return any results whatsoever. Sheraton is in fact registered as Apolo Hotel Corporation and was registered in 1998, a year before it was sold off.